Best stock market apps for ipad 2012


If you are regular investor and want to keep tab on the stock market while you are not in front of your TV and watching CNBC ticker live then you need to have either iPhone or an iPad App. These apps will give you real time information of the stock market and also will help you trade.
I have tried several of the apps and I use my iPhone for all stock market transactions as well as news using some of the apps I am going to list below. Some of them are really useful and provide incredible value.

Stock Guru App for iPad – This is the one that I use for all my research on the stocks that I am buying or selling. It has a database of about 7000 stocks and it provides me with all the details like risk, valuations and the financial strength of a stock. There is this guru rating for each stock which helps to understand the stock better. In addition to guru rating there is this risk rating, risk profile and risk return chart. To any investor these are valuable parameters to screen a stock. There are many more ratings and fundamental analysis parameters that this app gives out. This is the one which is a must have for you if you do all your analysis yourself before buying a stock. Above all this one has a user interface which is very good.

Stock Watch for iPad – This app is for creating portfolios and tracking the performance of those portfolios. It will not give you any risk rating and guru rating like the Stock Guru app however what is intended for is watching the stocks that you own. It gives real time information on prices, gains and technical charts for the stocks that you have in the portfolio. It is a breeze to create stock portfolio with this app and you can also create some great watch lists for the stocks that you want to own. When this app was launched it was one of the best iPhone apps for the year 2010.

CNBC real time app – This one simply replaces your TV and puts it on your iPhone and iPad. It provides real time news and stock prices. It also has historical interactive charts for each stock and that is a real deal when you are tracking the stocks closely.

Stock TickerPicker for iPhone – This is the one that I use on my iPhone. This one has stock charts, stock quotes and technical charts for all the stocks listed in NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. I love this for the interface it has and it very easy to use to check the performance of your portfolio in real time.

Apart form these I have some free apps which I have it on my iPhone simply because they are free and are from well known finance companies. It does not hurt to have them.

I recently purchased my first iPad though I have been using the iPhone for some years now. I am regular stock market investor and there are several apps that have been helping me keep tabs on my portfolio as well as keep abreast of the market. Of course, I have CNBC channel to help me keep tab on the stock market when I am at home and in front of the TV.

On my iPad I have downloaded a couple of Apps that have been working well on my iPhone. Here that list of apps that work really well on both the iPhone and iPad.

CNBC Real-Time for iPad and iPhone – This is a must have given that it comes from CNBC, has a great interface and gives out real time quotes and news. The best part of this is the historical interactive charts for each stock which is a great tool to have when analysing a particular stock.

Stock Ticker Picker – This one is really good for stock charts and technical analysis. Typically for most the apps the challenge is that app that they have on iPhone will not work that great with iPad however with this one I am pleasantly pleased. It works really well and the iPad version is superb to use.

Bloomberg for iPad – This is a must have for the real stock buffs. Its range of stock statistics and news is simply unbelievable. In fact the podcasts that they have are great and they can be really useful information for an investor. It is a free app which is fantastic.

Here is the list of iPad apps that you should have in 2012

Stock Guru – It is the guru of all stock market related apps. It has some awesome interface and great amount of statistics. It gives you the risk, valuation and financial summary of a stock. For each stock this app assigns a guru rating, momentum rating, risk rating and financial strength rating. It is full comprehensive stock screener in your hands and you will simply love the amount of data that it will give you for a stock to make your buy or sell decision. It is a paid app and costs about $9.99 however I must say that it is value for money with the entire gamut of information that it gives for a stock.

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