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Though our Android mobile devices have allowed us to remove ourselves from in front of our desktops and to leave our heavy laptops behind at home, working from a mobile device just isn’t the same. It isn’t in the apps we have at our disposal but in how fast we can multitask. Say you have free time and you’d like to start on your school assignment or maybe a presentation for work. Having to switch from your browser to Evernote or other similar note-taking apps can be tiring and can slow you down.Hardcore desktop multitaskers basically have assimilated Alt+Tab as second nature and can easily flip between windows and programs without batting an eyelash. We’d definitely want to do the same on our mobile devices and thankfully, there are a number of developers out there who’ve put together task switchers and multitasking apps for us.

We’ve combed the Google Play Store for you and put together a list of ten of the best task switchers and multitasking apps for Android. Take a look. Check these out. Make your Android life more efficient and productive.Our Android devices has a default task switcher. Usually, it can be accessed by pressing and holding the home button until a list of recent apps appear on the screen. The Task Switcher app is also a simple task switcher on your Android device. What makes this app special from your default task switcher is that it is customizable. It can also be accessed by tapping the home button. You won’t need to tap and hold the Home button just to open the Task Switcher.

Whether you are watching a video or browsing the net, you can easily access the Task Switcher with a single tap on the Home button. On the app’s interface you will be presented with the previously opened app, running in the background. Just tap on an app to open it and bring it back to the fore.

You can also go to the app’s settings menu and customize its interface. You can set the background transparency, task columns, show your favorites on the task switcher menu, and many more. You can also enable the option to add widgets to the app’s interface. You can add your clock or your news widget and access them instantly when you open Task Switcher. Take note that once this option is enabled, ads will appear on the app’s interface.Most Android launchers, if not all, have dock bars where you can easily access an app anywhere on your homescreen. You can also customize and change the apps sitting on the dock bar to suit your needs. The Dock4Droid app also follows this concept by displaying a virtual dock bar for your recently used apps. Aside from displaying the previously used apps, you can also place your apps on the virtual dock bar for quicker access.

To open the virtual dock bar, tap the activation zone and the virtual dock bar will appear on the screen. The activation zone is highlighted in yellow as seen on the screenshot above. Whether you’re playing a game, browsing the Web, or watching a video, you can easily open the virtual dock bar by tapping the activation zone. You can also hide the activation zone, change its orientation, or change its position from the the app’s settings menu.

Aside from displaying recently used apps, Dock4Droid also allows you to display selected shortcuts and your contacts on the dock bar. The free version of this app only allows you to place up to 4 shortcut or contacts on the dock. You will need to buy the premium version to unlock the app and add more shortcuts on the virtual dock bar.As the name suggests, the CircleLauncher Light app is a widget app that allows you to attach app shortcuts and instantly launch them on your Android homescreen. You can place this widget on your homescreen, select your desired apps, and launch them instantly without opening the app drawer.

You can create three types of CircleLauncher widgets: a widget for apps, bookmarks, and your contacts. You can even create multiple widgets on your homescreen. You can create one for your favorite games, your favorite contacts, and your bookmarks. You can also add a unique label on each widget.

The CircleLauncher also allows you to personalize the widget. Head over to the widget’s settings menu and customize the widget according to your liking. You can set the widget’s animations, widget icon, dimming effects, app shortcuts, set icon color, icon transparency, adjust the size, and a lot more.

The CircleLauncher also allows you to choose different launcher styles. Aside from the circle widget, you can also set the widget to show the apps or shortcuts on a horizontal or vertical line. But, in order for you to enable this option, you will first need to buy the premium version of the app.

We have apps that manage our files, kill apps running in the background, manage APK files, scan apps, switch between apps, and many more from the Google Play Store. If you don’t want to go to the Google Play Store and individually download those apps, you can download the Super Manager 3.0 app and enjoy those features from multiple apps into one app.

This app is like your all-in-one toolkit on your Android device. This app works as a file manager where you can access and explore the files inside the SD card. The app also allows you to perform system tools such as screen color adjuster, enable night reading mode, and even to rebooting your device. You can even manage or freeze your APK files (needs root access).

The app also promotes multitasking with its Super Launcher option. This option allows you to display your running apps on your phone. Aside from displaying recently used app, this feature also includes system buttons such as those for turning on/off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode, as well as some commonly used apps such as your SMS, Gmail, and browser app.

For quicker access, you can also enable the option to access the Super Launcher with an overlay arrow. This arrow will appear on your screen so you can access the Super Launcher while on the homescreen, playing games, or browsing the web.This app is an all-in-one toolkit for Android devices. You might even be surprised to find an option to wake your phone using the proximity sensor.

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