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(Update) Numerous Reviews Of My T-Mobile Login Troubles Surface, Are You Currently Not able To Gain Access To Your Bank Account?

Update: It required not much time to whatsoever to get a grip on this case and we have up-to-date the publish by having an internal statement from T-Mobile below. Begin to see the full internal statement below.

Because of your comments, emails and Tweets it appears that numerous T-Mobile clients are not able to login for their My T-Mobile page. Early word would be that the complaints are because of a massive number of individuals attempting to make use of the Samsung two-day purchase. Hopefully T-Mobile is working hard on the fix as numerous individuals are confirming you have been not able to utilize this deal because of the lack of ability to log to your account.

When the Samsung two-day purchase may be the cause, I sincerely hope T-Mobile views pushing the purchase right into a third day to make certain that everybody who desired to utilize this offer is capable of doing so.

Are you currently not able to login? How lengthy are you currently not able to complete?

Up-to-date T-Mobile Statement Delivered To Employees:

November 17 Free 4G Samsung Smartphone Purchase System Changes

To alleviate force on current T-Mobile systems, we are crippling three system programs we feel aren’t business critical throughout the disposable 4G Samsung Smartphone Purchase on Saturday, November 17

According to training learned in the promotion execution yesterday, the T-Mobile Programs Support teams have recognized three programs that led to excess force on existing T-Mobile systems..Scalping strategies is going to be disabled today throughout present day promotion hrs:

  • MyAccount (Customer facing Phone access)
  • My T-Mobile (Customer-facing Web access)
  • QuikView Offers (Worker facing system)

These programs won’t be readily available for clients or employees throughout the whole working day on November 17. Because of these changes, we are able to anticipate heavier traffic into our Retail, Top quality, and RPS locations.

Note: While these changes are made to improve performance, systems might be prone to periodic slowness because of high customer traffic.

Action Steps

Ensure all working employees know that these 3 key programs is going to be disabled.
Ensure all employees understand these changes apply only the rest of the marketing period and just today, November 17.
For customer queries and concerns about these temporary changes:

o Advise and inform clients from the changes when given questions.

o Apologize and sympathize for just about any inconveniences these changes might have triggered them.

o Show clients the functionality will return on Sunday November 18.

o Encourage clients to make use of My Account and My T-Mobile later on.

Additional Particulars

Crippling MyAccount won’t allow clients the opportunity to check particulars of the plan (e.g., minute usage).
Crippling My T-Mobile won’t allow clients to create changes for their account through the Web (e.g., altering rate plans).
Crippling QuikView won’t allow T-Mobile employees the chance to provide QuikView purports to clients on all transactions.
The Gold button for QuikView Offers is going to be grayed-out upon being disabled.

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