Best waterproof case for ipad 2012


Every mobile phone user has a fear of dropping their phone in water.
Water damage can destroy your primary connection to the world and cost you a couple hundred bucks to fix or replace your gadget.
Keep your iPhone or iPad safe from water with these cases that protect as well as look good

Lifeproof Case
Lifeproof is an amazing case. It protects from several elements including water, snow, dirt, and shock. The best part about Lifeproof is its slim profile.
Price: $79.99

Amphibian All Weather Case for iPhone 4
This case waterproofs your phone, but makes it tough to use your touchscreen.
Price: $25.99

iPhone Scuba Suit
With the iPhone scuba suit you can take your phone up to 15 feet underwater without worry.
A Gel screen cover allows your phone to be touch-sensitive underwater.
Price: $60

iPad Tank Case

This case cost nearly as much as the iPad itself, but it was designed to be used aboard boats.
Moxiware calls this case the toughest you can buy because it uses U.S. Military Standard for materiel perfomance, protecting against dirt, drops, and just about any weather condition.
Price: $399.95

The Case Marine, Gooma’s waterproof soft case
The Case Marine recently made its debut, but it’s only available in Japan at the moment. However, at just 0.25 mm thick, it’s the thinnest waterproof case for the iPhone.
Take a look at the case in action:

Fits newest iPad (released March 16, 2012), iPad 2, and iPad 1 (original). Take your iPad on your water-based or beach missions with this Waterproof iPad Case, offering full use of the device while it is safely sealed away. This waterproof iPad case has a clear front (with access to both front & rear cameras) so you can use all the touch screen functions and seals tightly with a triple snap closure system, making it guaranteed submersible to 65 feet (20 meters). It has received the highest Japanese IPX8 certification, meaning that it can be completely submersed under water. This means you can check your email from the pool! If you do accidentally drop it in the water, the waterproof iPad case will neatly float to the top so you can get it back quickly. That’s not likely to happen though, because it comes with a back hand loop for secure handling in either orientation. The iPad Pouch is made of environmentally-friendly biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) making it 100% waterproof. Pouch also keeps out dust, sand, and dirt – all making this the perfect for iPads and similar sized or smaller tech gadgets, like e-book readers. Maximum devise dimensions that will fit in pouch are 8″ (20 cm) width, 9.8″ (25 cm) high and 16.5″ (42 cm) circumference. This waterproof case has the 2 clear spots for front & rear cameras, however, it will also fit the original iPad.

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