Big Android BBQ Session


The dates for the Big Android BBQ in the Dallas, TX are right around the corner. With the event approaching fast, the folks behind the conference have released the upcoming sessions schedule for all to see. They have something for all types of Android fans attending. Whether you’re a developer and looking for the latest trends, trying to find ways to monetize Android, or a general Android enthusiast looking to geek out and have a good time, they’ll be plenty of sessions for you. If you’re looking for a more personal, casual approach, the Big Android BBQ staff have you covered with Fireside chats in an open courtyardThe conference kicks off as any event should. A pool party. On Friday, from 6pm – 8:30pm fun shall be had at the Hyatt Hotel pool area. Rumor has it that a truly unique way will be used to DJ this part of the event. Free beer will also be provided by the local micro-brewery, Rahr. Things gets started bright and early Saturday morning at 8:45am for the opening keynote. The rest of the day is filled with vendor sessions, developer sessions from Android community members, and sessions for everyone else. Saturday sessions end around 3pm leaving plenty of time before the evenings bar crawl for socializing and general Android geekiness. Sunday morning comes early at 9am, so try not to stay out too late the night before party people. The last day of the event is filled with more developer sessions, vendor sessions and closing remarks from the CyanogenMod team. Sunday night from 6pm-10pm is the actual Big Android BBQ. Those of you that have come to eat good food (and drink a beer or two), this is what you’ve been waiting for.

So, there you have it Android fans. If you’re attending the BBQ this year, you may want to plan ahead and see which sessions fit you best. Most of the time, multiple sessions are going on in up to three different rooms, so choose wisely. Head on over to the Big Android BBQ’s official event schedule to see the full session listing.

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