Boot Animations App for setting custom boot animation for Android available


Customization is the word you instantly associate when you hear the word “Android.” Luckily, that word completely describes what you can do when you are using an Android device. The things you can tweak in this well-loved OS don’t just end in setting various tones, wallpapers, or even custom ROMs on your device.

One thing you can also customize is your device’s boot animation. Setting a custom boot animation for Android may be something insignificant to others, but since we are using an OS that allows extensive customization, even the most insignificant part of the OS will seem like a very important thing to give attention to. Although boot animations are just momentary, since it happens only when your device boots, seeing another animation aside from the stock wouldn’t hurt. And, if you are up for tailoring every single aspect of your Android device, you might want to consider using JRummy Apps’ Boot Animations app for rooted devices.Boot Animations sports a sleek and tidy user interface and has three main tabs on the screen. The first tab, labeled Local, shows your device’s file folders. This option is used if you have an animated GIF file stored in one of those folders, which can be used as a custom boot animation. The Server tab houses over 300 custom boot animations you can use for your device. The boot animations you can find in this tab are made by other app users. You will also be able to download custom boot animations that will best complement the custom ROM you have installed at the moment, like an AOKP logo boot animation for your AOKP ROM.

You can preview a particular boot animation before installing to make sure that the animation works well and if you like how it looks on your device. You also have the option to randomize the boot animations every time you boot up your device. This feature is perfect for people who love seeing something different on their screens while their device starts up — Super Mario running across the screen today and maybe the Android robot riding a motor bike tomorrow. To use the Randomizer option, just click on an animation from either the Local or Server tabs and select Add to Randomizer. From there, random boot animations will grace your device every time the device starts up.One great feature that Boot Animations has is the option to make a backup of your boot animations. If, by any chance, all your boot animations are deleted or if the custom boot animations stored on your SD card were corrupted, making a backup will surely save you the heartache. The app stores your backups and you can restore the backup anytime you want.

Some of the features are only available when you make in-app purchases in Boot Animations. Unlock all the features of this app, like boot animation previewing, unlocking GIF to Boot, unlocking boot randomizer, and getting rid of ads found in the app. Although unlocking all the features of this app requires money, dishing out a few bucks will be worth it. This app definitely gives you bang for your buck, most especially when you are someone who loves customizing and tweaking things on your Android device.Boot Animations can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Do remember that this app needs to be installed on rooted Android devices for it to work. Pretty up your Android devices with this app and show your friends how great it is to be an Android user.

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