Carbon for Android to arrive in the coming


If you are the tweeting kind, and a ferocious one at it, it is likely you already know about and have been waiting to use Carbon for Android. The hotly anticipated Twitter client, unfortunately, seems to take forever to arrive — something that can be attributed to the developer’s determination to come out with a perfect app at the expense of a late launch.

Assuming you have gotten over the disappointment from the last promised launch date of Carbon for Android, which didn’t materialize for reasons stated above, here’s a reason to cheer as the maker has given another hint for the app’s debut.As announced on its Twitter account (where else?), Dots and Lines, the developer of the app, said that Carbon for Android is coming in a few days. There will be a new video that showcases its features, as well as the link to get it from Google Play. For a group that has been pretty reluctant about giving out an ETA — for valid reasons, we’re sure — this is as good of a confirmation that the app will be coming out soon.

Check out a sneak peek of the Carbon for Android app:We have high hopes that, this time around, the launch of Carbon for Android, though not specifically given, won’t be delayed any further. We’ll update you when the free app is available to download.

In the mean time, are you still looking forward to Carbon for Android?I will definitely give it a look. I appreciated the fact they took the time to put together a quality product instead of slapping something out there for the sake of meeting a deadline.Although, I’ve fallen in love with Tweedle (on Android) so I may have to work with both and see which comes ahead.

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