Chief overhaul comes to Flickr for Android


Let’s face it, Flickr for Android has never been quite on the same level as its iOS counterpart. This is no fault of Android, simply a lack of real commitment to Android on Yahoo’s part. Finally, things may be changing for the better.Today, a new update of the Flickr app catapults the Android version ahead, bringing a UI overhaul that includes a new tabbar, improved ways to explore Flickr, editing metadata and a heck of a lot more.

Flickr 1.5 seems to borrow a lot from other mobile operating systems in design. The navigation is very Windows Phone-esque, and the new tabbar lists individual notification, profile, photo upload and Explore tabs – borrowing from iOS.

Your photo stream in the new version is updated with your own photos and followed users populate the main page, an overall user experience similar to what you’d find in a traditional social networking app. Other changes include a way to refresh the page by simply pulling down on the page.The way you take and share pictures is also changed in version 1.5, with the app supporting front-facing camera picture taking and editing details on photos already posted. The final major change concerns the search function, which was less than great in the past. But now, the new system is easier and allows reading of HTML tags and information posted by web users.You can check out the newest version of the app through Google Play, as long as you’re running Android 2.3 or higher on your device.

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