ClipSync – Easy copy-pasting between Android and Windows


Copying and pasting are just two of the most used functions on both computers and mobile phones. This action actually cuts off more than half of the time we usually spend when we manually encode or type in things from document to document. Being a student, this function is very vital, most especially when I am in a hurry or if I don’t have enough time to give my fingers a typing exercise.

Copying text from document to document on the computer is really easy, as well as on smartphones. But, what if an important write-up is sent to you through SMS and you need to transfer the text to your desktop computer for printing? To make things worse, you need to submit that write-up in less than 5 minutes. If you think about it, this situation may be a show of negligence but if you’re running out of time, your only savior is ClipSync.ClipSync allows you to copy text remotely from your smartphone to your PC and vice-versa. The app uses the same LAN or Wi-Fi connection your devices are connected to. Have the ClipSync app installed on your Android device and the Windows version of the app installed on your computer.

If you have an Android device and a laptop or a desktop computer connected to your home’s own LAN and Wi-Fi connection, transporting text from one device to another will surely go smoothly. For instance, if you find an interesting quote while you are lying down in bed and browsing using your phone, just copy the quote. Later when you get up from lying down and sit in front of your computer, you can easily paste the quote you found on any word processing software on your computer.

You have the option to let the app automatically connect to a server. This option is useful if you only have one network or server in your home or office. If there are several servers within your area, you can manually connect to a server by letting the app scan available servers or by keying in the server’s IP address.For ClipSync to work with no problems, see to it that the devices connected to server is using the same Wi-Fi or LAN connection. Otherwise, copying and pasting of text from one device to another will not be possible. Make sure that your Android device is connected to the correct server so you won’t encounter any roadblocks while using this great app.

Cut down the hassle of manually typing in text from your Android device to your PC and the other way around. ClipSync is made to provide you convenience in transporting important texts. You won’t need to resort to copying the text and sending it through your own e-mail. With ClipSync, the time you usually spend to copy and paste text will certainly be cut down to more than half.The app doesn’t have annoying ads littering it, a very big plus to the app’s overall usability and functionality. Get ClipSync for free from the Google Play Store today and experience the wonders this app can give you.

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