Cool android 4.0 tricks



Best Android Tips and TricksThe Android operating-system continues to be developing fast because the discharge of Version (varying from Eclair, Froyo to Gingerbread) for mobile phones and Version 3 (Honeycomb) for pills. It accomplishes an execllent milestone using the latest Version 4 (Ice Scream Sandwich or ICS), a universal system appropriate for running on smartphone and tablet products.

If you are utilizing a smartphone running around the Android version, you’ll be acquainted with the 4 hardware buttons&mdashBack, Menu, Home and check&mdashto communicate with the machine. Borrowing the look designed for named, Google’s flagship smartphone Universe Nexus running on Android 4.0 presently has no hardware buttons around the front, not really one. These hardware buttons turn virtual, departing couple of physical buttons&mdashVolume and Energy&mdashon the right and left sides from the device.

Such as the screenshot, the 3 buttons BackBack-16.png, HomeHome-16.png and Recent AppsRecent-Applications-16.png frequently show up on a house screen and also the Menu buttonMenu-16.png only turns up when an application needs it. Whenever you playback a relevant video, the default media application hides each one of these onscreen buttons and occupies the entire screen position for your video. An excellent idea.

If you simply have a brand new Android device running on Version 4.0, these pointers and tricks might help you for you. Some relevant info on older versions of Android is added for easy reference where relevant.

Note: These pointers and tricks perform best with Android 4.0 on Universe Nexus. Some steps here may vary out of your Android system if it’s of the previous version or continues to be modified through the device supplier.

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