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Photography is one of my absolute favorite sections of the app store. The iPhone’s impressive combination of cameras and technology gives developers an amazing platform on which to build some wildly creative and highly functional applications. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a complete beginner, you can’t help but appreciate the variety and quality of photography apps that are available, most of the time for less than $2.
Today we’ve rounded up 100 of our favorite photography apps for you to check out. 100 apps is a lot to browse to we’ve made it easier by placing each app into one of eight categories: Lomo & Retro, Photo Booth, Multiple Effects & Tools, Photography Utilities, Tilt Shift and DOF, Silly & Fun, Panoramic, Video and HDR.


“Instagram is an amazingly fun & simple life-sharing app for your iPhone. Snap photos wherever you go to show the world what’s going on in your life. Follow your friends’ photo updates as they move through the world. Select from photo filters that transform regular ol’ photos into works of art you’ll want to keep around forever.”

“Digital photography never looked so analog. The Hipstamatic brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras of the past! The Hipstamatic keeps the the quirks of shooting old school but gives you the ability to swap lenses, film, and flash settings all with the swipe of a finger.”
iTunes Rating: 4/5
Price: $1.99


“Dramatically enhance your photos using the many classic camera and film simulations in CameraBag. It’s like having a dozen unique cameras all in one app! CameraBag focuses on emulating styles and processes from some of the most interesting cameras of the past to enhance the mood of an image, and the results are stunning.”
iTunes Rating: 4/5
Price: $1.99

ClassicINSTA – Free
“ClassicINSTA turns an iPhone into a perfect instant camera. It reproduces all features of an instant camera, from the operations to the results. Experience the new world of an instant camera!”
iTunes Rating: 5/5
Price: Free

“The creators of the Hipstamatic are super stoked to introduce a brand new darkroom kit: SwankoLab. It’s a loving recreation of the pre-digital era classic – the darkroom of yesterday today. Complete with smells of photo chemistry and sounds of mad science being made, your SwankoLab comes with everything you need to turn any image into a retro misprinted masterpiece. Choose chemicals, process photos, and experiment. You’re the artist / chemist / creative genius- have fun!”
iTunes Rating: 4/5
Price: $1.99
Here at The Next Web, we’re big fans of iPhoneography, and are always on the look out for new, interesting apps that make the art of taking photos using your iPhone easier, more enjoyable, and gives you a variety of ways to share those photos with others.
From the Instagram-inspired filter craze, to interesting frames and easy ways to back up your photos to the cloud, there’s a little bit of something in here for everyone.These 7 apps are a great addition to the arsenal of apps you already have on your phone that help you get the best shots you can out of your iPhone. So, here they are, in no particular order:Camera Awesome is the latest in free camera apps that make you wonder why Apple didn’t put a little more thought into its own native app. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a popular photo sharing site like SmugMug behind it, but Camera Awesome has already received rave reviews and snagged the number one spot in the App Store in 34 countries. It is clearly a must-have for any iPhoneography buffs.With CameraAwesome you can shoot photos and video, with several options to choose from when shooting the former. The app has an image stabilization feature, a self-timer, four composition guides to choose from to set up your frame perfectly, and a burst option, to take several shots in rapid succession. The UI is slick, and doesn’t look like every cookie-cutter clone we’ve seen of popular apps like Camera+.

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