Could Snapseed for Android

A photo posted to Google+ by Senior Engineering VP for Google Vic Gundotra may be a hint that Snapseed for Android will arrive some time in the near future.

At first the photo just looked like a picture of a sunset, albeit a nice picture of a sunset taken from an airplane. Then people start to notice that the information at the top of the post indicated that the picture was posted from Snapseed, which currently only has an iOS client. Seeing that Gundotra has been with Google since 2007, it would be extremely odd (to say the least) if he was posting a picture from an iOS device.

It isn’t such a stretch to assume that we’ll be seeing Snapseed for Android sooner rather than later. After all, Google did acquire Nik software last month, and even before that, Nik had announced that they were working on a version of Snapseed for Android tablets. The question wasn’t if Snapseed was coming to Android, but when. This photo suggests that we may soon know the answer to that question.

We speculated that Snapseed’s technology might find it’s way into the Google+ app at some point, and while that is still a possibility, it may be better if Snapseed remains a separate entity while adding Google+ integration. Snapseed has a lot of fans, and they may not be thrilled with the prospect of figuring out how to use the features they already know in a different app.Do you think the Google+ post is proof that we’ll be seeing Snapseed for Android released soon?

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