Crime city android best loot



Become the toughest Mob Boss in Crime City!

Rise through the ranks of the mafia and take over the city! Build up your hood, do jobs, and fight other players!

Tips and Tricks :
Tips and Tricks :

#Basic Tips

1. Always Bank your cash if you’re finished playing so other rival won’t get any from you
2. Don’t retaliate when they beat you out because you have a small chances to win
3. If you have defeated a Rival it means he’s weak.. you can beat him 3x
4. Always do the ‘Goal’ task to receive extra cash and loots bonus
5. Don’t spend too much with building because they’ll be robbed anyway unless you have a big Mafia to protect you
6. Gather more Mafia as much as you can, this way it will give you more bonus and protection
7. Use your Respect points to buy Advanced Equipments

# How to get more Mafia
Go to your menu and ‘Add Mafia’, from the top copy your Mafia Code. Pasted it on your Profile Page in the comments section. Now go to your Rival Mafia paste it on their comments so if there other player will see your code they will add you.

Fight a Rival Mafia and go to your Rivals Profile then find their comments.If there’s anyone posted their code take it and don’t forget to post your code too.

Post your code below in the comments so other will add you here. Spread the site so others will find your code.

# How to Add Mafia

You can post and add your code here:

Crime City Expand Your Mafia

Don’t forget to add the posted code and add your code as well…

[ ! ] To make this more effective SHARE this POST in your FACEBOOK or TWITTER
so your friends and followers will be informed and they will spread your code.

# How to Protect your Properties

Buy defensive buildings and surround it with your property specially
your warehouse. The more and high Defensive buildings you have, the
more protection you can get

Buy the boots in the Armour Store this will cost you 50 respects,
its worthed for early level. Buy as much as you can, the more you have this
the more you invincible you will be.

# How to Rob Effectively

1. Buy some strong equipments specially does has High Attack points. Vehicle and Weapon has the most attacks, use your Respects points to buy the advanced equipments

2. Add more Mafia and boost up your equipment bound with the numbers of your Mafia

3. Don’t Rob if the Rival has a lot of Defensive buildings

4. The best buildings to Rob are Dinner, Electronic Store, Warehouse , Italian Restaurant, SafeHouse, Empire Theater, Cloting Store and Movie Theater because it gives more Respect and Money.

# How to have Strong Attack and Defence

1. Add more and expand your Mafia ( Crime City Expand Your Mafia)

2. Buy the cheapest item in the Store Equipment and BUY them till max-out, this will give you huge advantage with your Rival

3. Go back to your previous missions and do the mission with have loots … do this repeatedly

4. Buy Defensive buildings in your Hood for more protections

5. Use your Respect to buy more Strong Equipments
Tommy Gun (100) , Columbian Knife (200) , Combat Boots (50), Night Vision Binoculars(300),

# Fighting with Rivals

1. Don’t fight your Rival near his defensive building

2. Add more Mafia and Buy more Equipments

3. If you can beat a Rival that means his weak and you can beat him all the way

4. If you got defeated by your Rival from your Attack then you are no match with him

5. If you have killed by Rival, don’t retaliate

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