Cute japanese android apps


A few several weeks ago, I purchased my initial smartphone (HTC EVO Change), and today I can not imagine my existence with out them. After I began searching for applications to set up onto it, I figured by what I needed my phone to complete for me personally, embracing the wide array of Japanese applications to assist my studies.First of all, I love to keep my Japanese pretty sharp, and am keen on word games. I additionally needed a great Input Method Editor (IME) to input Japanese text with my on-screen and physical Texting keyboard. Lastly, I needed a great Japanese-British dictionary which i can use even when the telephone did not have a very good 3rd generation or wireless connection.So I am bored as fuck and also have been looking for some really cute android applications in my phone to exchange the boring stock ones the Xperia x10 Small includes. I attempted searching on another blogs and databases however they don’t appear to have the ability to support my phone or aren’t actually striking the place and so i thought I may as well compile my very own list! My phone specs: Its and Xperia X10 Small and that i use Go Launcher and Go Sms
I have looked all corners from the Market, and discovered a couple of really helpful applications for Japanese text input, learning, and reference with clean, easy-to-use connects. Here’s what I came across.

Japanese dictionary
I keep two dictionaries on my cell phone, the very first which is known as ColorDict. After you have installed ColorDict (free) you are able to download a variety of dictionaries including Japanese-British/British-Japanese. The records in ColorDict are quite simple and may be enhanced to exhibit the kanji alongside their particular blood pressure measurements rather than just a listing of words listed somewhat aimlessly.

Japanese IME
Getting a great and simple-to-use IME is invaluable. After getting used both Kaede and OpenWnn plus, Simeji continues to be my go-to IME on Android. Simeji (free) offers many suggestions from the user network, as well as takes note of words you’ve lately typed. It really works incredibly well with my physical keyboard and features its own on-screen keyboard. Simeji is certainly one application I possibly could not do without.

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