Cyanogenmod 7 android on hp touchpad


WebOS might be stopped however the hardware it’s running on, the Hewlett packard Touch pad, continues to be very, very alive. The Cyanogenmod team has launched an alpha of Cyanogenmod 7 for that Touch pad. For bugs &mdash this is an alpha so you will see lots of bugs, however the listing of functioning stuff is most likely longer. It’s lovely to listen to the Android community focusing on this stopped but beautiful bit of hardware, although the majority of you’ll have to admit you purchased it wishing the Touch pad would run Android eventually. I suppose free is not that bad in the end. An introduction to the functioning stuff is incorporated following the break.

Startup into Android
ADB instructions via ADB
Energy, back/home and volume button layout
Touch screen support (Multi-touch, 10 fingers)
GPU Acceleration (2D Acceleration does not work, although not a release blocker)
Dual core processing
Energy Management
Battery Confirming
Camera(only video chat, no recording or pictures)
Multiboot (via moboot)
ClockworkMod Recovery
Fast Switch Boot
Fake Sdcard Mount
Light Sensor(have to check &ldquoEnable Light Decrease&rdquo in cyanogenmod configurations->display->automatic backlight
Being able to access webOS files from Android and the other way around
Touchstone Support
Wi-fi compatability
And far, a lot more!

Just in case you probably did something terribly wrong, there always remains HP’s tool known as WebOS physician. It entirely baby wipes your Touch pad however, a minimum of it boots again, right?

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