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BlueStacks announced a public alpha version of their Android App Player for the Mac today at Google I/O. The company had originally released a beta version of their App Player for Windows back in March. The software allows users to run Android apps directly on their Windows PCs, and the newest version begins to extend that functionality to the Mac. While the Windows version allows you to run any Android app without modification, the early Mac version seems to be limited to 15 initial apps that comes bundled with the download. The bundled apps include Air Control Lite, Alchemy, Basketball Shot, Drag Racing, Elastic World, Facebook, Glow Hockey, Guns’n'Glory, Paper Toss, Pulse, Robo Defense, Seesmic, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Zebra Paint. Their support page claims that “in the very near future”, they plan on opening the Mac version up to over 400,000 Android apps:
The BlueStacks App Player for Mac OSX (alpha) supports both Lion and Snow Leopard. You can test drive a fixed set of curated apps for the first release (alpha-1). In the very near future, BlueStacks will let you select from over 400,000 Android apps to play on your Mac.I’ll admit, that I too am perplexed by this. What “amazing” Android apps don’t already have an iOS counterpart?Not the point. The point is that you’ll be able to run mobile apps on your desktop/laptop OS – something you cannot do with iOS apps. Whether it’s at all productive or useful is a whole another argument.The public alpha of BlueStacks for Mac brings BlueStacks’ LayerCake technology to OS X and features several apps from BlueStacks partners such as HandyGames, CreativeMobile, and Pulse, in addition to the Android basics. BlueStacks will work on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and above.When asked about whether people want Android apps on a Windows or Mac, Bluestacks CEO Rosen Sharma told CNET that his company is discovering some unexpected app usage. “One of the most popular apps in BlueStacks is Facebook, which beats the normal thinking. You can just go to Facebook in a browser.” People, he said, get used to the app experience. “We are so used to using these apps, that we want the same apps everywhere.” On the Mac, Rosen added that they are building BlueStacks for the new Retina screens.
When BlueStacks for Windows went public beta at the end of March, it scored more than 1 million downloads in its first nine days on the market, according to BlueStacks.”The way Mac/Apple users hate Android”It is called “alpha” for a reason … :sigh: at people who complain at crashes of alpha software.

I’ve been using various versions of BlueStacks alpha/beta for the PC. They’ve been very responsive on incorporating user feedback and have managed to make a very stable beta version for PC.

I’m sure the Mac version will be improved to an equally stable state before they release final versions. We’re using it where I work to demonstrate our mobile apps over teleconferences and projectors for large audiences. I also use it personally for a few apps that I like better than their desktop website versions.That’s the way you see it… I see it the other way around. Apple users may be passionate about the products they use but it doesn’t reach the point of hate. Apple users are characterized as a very liberal group so hating others for making a different choice is uncharacteristic.

On the contrary I think when Android first came out, fans of Android acted as if it was the holy grail of phone OS’s and the savior against the Apple devil… and that’s where it all started.

And why use such emotional words for something that amounts to nothing more than plastic, metal, and glass? If you add emotion into the argument then you have moved into a place where the numbers and specs really ren’t the most important thing.Now you have Android plugin. Before you would create a new Android app, you have to set a setting on your Eclipse Preferences.If you’ve ever wanted to run Android apps on your Mac, a new virtualization tool called BlueStacks makes it easier than ever before. The extremely simple to install solution includes 17 popular Android apps that can be run independently and without the need for running Android ICS in a virtual machine, removing the often clunky virtualized Android OS experience and instead launching directly into the apps.
Get BlueStacks App Player free from the developer
The default installation is heavy on the games but includes other popular titles too. You’ll get Air Control Lite, Alchemy, Basketball Shot, Drag Racing, Elastic World, Facebook, Glow Hockey, Guns’n Glory, Paper Toss, Pulse news reader, Robo Defense, Seesmic, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Zebra Paint, all conveniently located in an “Android Apps” folder in the OS X Dock. Because they run as independent apps, you’ll also find them in LaunchPad.Performance is very good and there are no noticeable issues or speed problems, and some of the games actually seem to run better in Mac OS X under the virtual layer than they do on some older Android phones – not surprising considering the desktop hardware is beefier.This is a great free solution for anyone wanting to run Android apps on their Mac, and if you’ve been curious about the world of Android apps but didn’t want to get a smartphone, deal with virtualization, or buy the new Nexus 7, there is no easier way to check them out..Performance on my MacBook Pro 2010 with 8GB of upgraded RAM is not good at all. The games take about 5 minutes each to load up then I get an fps of about 10 making it pretty unplayable. It is also crashes frequently. Uninstalling now.I believe you have to wait for BlueStacks to support the app, as of the current Alpha version there isn’t a direct Play connection.

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