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Developing Android programs requires knowledge of an improvement atmosphere, an SDK, emulators, and also the Android platform. Submerging yourself in to the various screen dimensions, framework particulars, and dependencies can leave your mind spinning. Here are a few useful hints to enable you to get using your day-to-day development experience.

Useful Hints for Android Application Development
While fixing issues with Android is a straightforward task, you might become so terrible in application development where you are unsure how to proceed. The list below should point you within the right direction when you are looking for help.Unsure how you can solve a specific problem? Go to the forums at and employ the Android tag. StackOverflow is definitely an Android platform-suggested place to go for developer questions.The most typical tasks happen to be accomplished for you. A listing of common tasks and directions regarding how to do options are supplied by the Android developer website.If you are unsure exactly what a package or class does, put your cursor within the object or class while inside Eclipse to see the documentation pop-up window. If no tool tip is available, you will see the documentation online at Android Developer Reference.Understand activity and fragment lifecycles. They are being used during the period of your development career, along with a thorough understanding might help avoid problems.Remember that you’re accountable for saving and rebuilding instance states in activities and fragments. Should you produce a member variable within an activity or fragment, make certain it will save you it in onSaveInstanceState() and restore it while using bundle in onCreate(). Failing to do this could make your activity or fragment seem to work more often than not, but at random fail in other situations (for example whenever a user rotates the screen).To really make the stream messages within the DDMS perspective more readable, produce a filter that particularly is applicable for your application logging.
When typing into Eclipse, you sometimes be aware of title from the destination property, method, or class you want to create. However, it will not exist. Type the title within the component, Eclipse will state you the component can’t be found. Now choose it, and press F2. This provides a small pop-up window that enables you to definitely create with the mouse click.

To rapidly navigate around a category file, press Control+O and begin typing the title from the member you are thinking about. Choose it in the pop-up list and press Enter.I produced this thread to gather informations, suggestions and links for who wish to start learning developing android programs, whitout becoming an expert developer.
I love programming (vb6, vb.internet ) but I’m not sure anything about android and linux, and somewhat about java… Now I purchased an Hero and that i met android world… I downladed Eclipse IDE, Android SDK and that i starded with dev guide on SDK… I simply have a look to helloandorid application… it really works! and today? Within the xml layout appears simple to add View like buttons or text… but how do i handle towards the user actions such as the button click? in vb is straightforward to handle the buttonpressed event…

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