Diamond rush android


Game description Diamond Hurry

Grab the diamonds and decide to try your heels! An uneasy adventure is within prospect for you personally: Tibetan stalactites falling previously mentioned, thick Angora forests, poisonous bots of Bavarian castle along with other vicissitudes of existence will accompany every single step. To outlive and enrich yourself you will have to haven’t merely a lightning-like speed and craftiness. Intuition and mind will end up being not unnatural while fixing numerous puzzles and mysteries of ancient cultures. Colossal cobble-gemstones and poisonous snakes of Angora, harmful bots and believe it or not harmful knights in combat of Bavarian castle, snows and ices of mysterious caves of Tibet with prehistoric apes take presctiption one scale. Diamonds of fabulous cost and chests with treasures are alternatively. There are several helpful things, for example compass pointing how a hammer, killing the opponents along with a hook, grasping remote objects. However the dazzling glitter of gemstones draws in and promises plenty of luxury and risk. You’ll certainly complete all of the 40 quantity of a dangerous adventure and solve a lot more than 200 puzzles. You’ll certainly lay on the job all of the precious stuff that are safely hidden around the planet!

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