Discount travel apps reviews 2012


Do you sometimes wish you had a secretary on standby to take care of your itineraries and tickets, recommend the best restaurants and save your head space for what you’re going away for in the first place – a holiday?
Hold off on that urge to hire a virtual assistant on a different continent and tap into our list of 31 travel headache-relieving smartphone pills to help you make the most of your holiday.

Plan and organise

One of the hardest parts about travel planning is keeping track of all your airline, hotel and car hire reservations. This app lets you access all your itineraries on your mobile, tablet or computer wherever you are.
Email all your confirmation emails to to automatically add them to your itinerary together with notes, photos and recommendations. Need more help? Share your plans with your social network for instant feedback and ideas!

Nothing gives as much comfort when booking a holiday as getting opinions and insights from other travellers. As one of the most established travel review services online, chances are that if it’s out there, it will have a review on Tripadvisor.
This app lets you browse 75 million something reviews, view photos and find hotels and restaurants nearby. Highly recommended.

XE Currency Converter

This app shouldn’t need much introduction. With over 180 currencies (and metals) to choose from with historical rates, price conversion and the ability to track 10 different currencies at the same time you will never do those dreaded guesstimations again.


The world’s most popular notetaking app also provides indispensable functionality for travellers. Save your itineraries, web bookmarks and photos of things you will need to remember and quickly re-locate them with Evernote’s brilliant search function.
But perhaps the best feature is the optical character recognition function, letting you search text in scanned travel articles and guidebooks while you’re on the road.

Now, maybe that title was a bit too chicken little (remember, he thought the sky was falling), because obviously the World Wide Web is still going strong; however, the points the story made about why apps are redefining how we use and will use the Internet in the future were spot on, with the biggest reason being that apps are faster and uncluttered, making the information super highway look more like a New Jersey Turnpike at rush hour.
Enter Discover Brunei, a free app for the Apple iPad by MeSixty. In one fell swoop, Discover Brunei-the official Brunei Tourism App-revolutionized what a travel app could be, creating an innovative masterpiece that blends education, interaction, information and outstanding visuals and photography into a package that will get you and your family excited about visiting Brunei, even if you had never imagined traveling to the sovereign state on the island of Borneo in South East Asia.Designed to work online and off, Discover Brunei is the perfect way to get acquainted with Brunei, no matter if you are on a flight, hanging out at a coffee shop or just sitting at home looking to travel to another world from your coach. There’s a lot to love about Discover Brunei, including a robust table of contents that features 10 sections choke-full of information about every aspect of Brueni, featuring details about the kingdom’s heritage, useful tips, food, lodging and eco-tourism-to name a few-that are laid out with such visual precision that is simply a joy to use.

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