Dish network apps for iphone


Technology today is amazing. Smart phones enable us to talk to people from virtually everywhere in the world, we can access the internet on then to find what we need, to get football scores, and to even update our Facebook page or upload video to Youtube from our seat on a subway. Even satellite TV technology has become internet enabled, giving us the ability to control our home entertainment setup from our smart phones as well.

With the DISH Network app and TV Everywhere you can take control of your TV from anywhere you can get a cell signal. This means you don’t have to rush home to watch a favorite show, or have someone record it for you because you can handle all those functions with your DISH Network iPhone or DISH Network Android smart phone. With a few button pushes, not only can you access your DVR and program it to record shows you’ll miss because of previous engagements or traffic, but you can handle all DVR functions right in the palm of your hand.Deleting old programs is a snap. Setting up a recording schedule for a weekly show is almost as easy. Being able to start a recording on the fly so you can go home and watch something that just started is even easier. You can even record movies in HD so you can get all the quality you expect when you want to watch it. The DISH Network app gives you total control over your DVR so you don’t ever have to miss a TV show again. All you have to have is an iPhone, Android or smart phone, and you’ve got the power to take care.For those with iPhones or iPod Touch devices with Dish Network subscriptions, it’s a match made in TV heaven. Most of us use our DISH DVR to record the shows that we will be missing whether we’re out working or playing. The Remote Access iPhone App allows users to not only access their favorite DISH programming, but also their shows recorded on the DISH DVR at home so you can watch your favorite shows from your satellite television whenever and wherever you want. If you have DISH Network or are thinking about switching over from your cable service to a satellite television provider, then you have to download this app – you’ll be able to watch the news, sports and other satellite TV programming live from your Apple device.
The Remote Access iPhone app allows you to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a virtual remote control so you can access your DVR at home in case you forgot to record a show or to just look through the DISH programming guide. You can also browse DISH programming (search by genre, network, actor, keyword or title) that you want to record up to nine days ahead of time. By managing your DISH DVR library through this user-friendly app, you can delete shows you’ve already watched to free up space for the shows you love as well as resolving any recording conflicts between one show and another that airs at the same time.Before downloading the DISH Network Remote Access app to your iPhone or iPod Touch you’ll have to log-in to your DISH account online to get started. You also want to make sure you have high-speed Internet access and one of the following DISH DVR receiver types: 512, 522, 625, ViP® 612, ViP® 622, ViP® 722, ViP® 722k, ViP 922. For more information on how you can become a DISH Network subscriber, visit authorized retailer, Dish Systems or call 866-989-3474.

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