Do android phones need to be defragged


Earlier today, an eager marketing person recommended we review a cutting-edge new application that each Android user like totally needs, dude – Android Defrag. Produced by Enlightened Software House, the application guaranteed to “Improve your Android Mobile & Pills Performance Speeds, Battery and Memory Today.” There is a Professional version too, also it only cost you a buck – exactly what a deal! Here, read this gem’s full description:

Improve your Android Mobile & Pills Performance Speeds, Battery and Memory Today using the NEW Android Defrag Professional version direct from Andriod Google Play Store!
★ Created for Top Andriod Mobile & Tablet Performance!
Enhanced Android Defrag Professional does not just provide simple defragmentation, Additionally, it streamlines your file system, enabling your Android to operate at top speed using the greatest stability possible.
★ One Touch Wise Defrag!
Enhanced Android Defrag Professional works very easily, constantly and also keeping the Android Mobile & Table lag and fragment-free.
★ New Intelligent Android Performance Improving Technology!
Android Defrag Professional uses new Android Performance Improving technology which enables you to definitely defrag files very easily from your Android Mobile & tablet the very first time.
★ Android Defrag Professional Version
Over 2 occasions faster Defrag Speed & battery optimisation.
No Ads
Andriod Defrag Professional provides very intelligent, fast, efficient One Touch defragmentation for your Android Mobile & tablet for Faster File Loading, Greater Disk Performance and Faster Launch occasions, additionally, it removes dangerous undesirable files.
Fragmented files be the cause of 80% of the Android Mobile & Pills performance degradation, slowing down lower and draining your battery. In the touch of the mouse Android Defrag Professional for just .99c will thoroughly keep the Android Mobile and Tablet running at its Top Performance Speed.
Download Android Defrag Professional in the Play Store today and own probably the most effective and smartly designed award-winning Android Mobile Defrag software today!

Listed here are the screenshots in the Play Store. Holy garbage, we’re able to be fragmented and want this application As soon as possible. Right?

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Wrong. Android uses expensive memory, and expensive memory doesn’t take advantage of defragmentation because fragmentation doesn’t slow it lower to begin with. Actually quite contrary – defragmentation only makes things worse by lowering expensive memory’s lifetime. Do not take my word for this – Google it.

This application (still presently visible on Appbrain – image mirror) and then any other defrag application you’ll ever see for Android will be some types of scam in some way. Within this situation, Android Defrag requested permissions to see browser background and bookmarks in addition to network communication. You never know what it really was going related to these details where this captive-raised data would finish up? I do not, nor are you going to since i reported this application to Google, and Reto Meier themself rapidly confirmed that:

it looked suspicious
as suspected, defragmentation was indeed pointless on Android products
even when it were not pointless, it wouldn’t be feasible for an application to do this anyway

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