Dolphin Browser celebrates the 50 million user mark by releasing Jetpack to increase performance for Android users Now


Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular browsers for Android and iOS. How popular is it? Very recently, it was announced that Dolphin Browser has 50 million users. That’s quite the achievement. To put that into perspective, Android recently hit the 500 million activations mark and Google+ has 100 million active users. So 50 million users for Dolphin Browser is definitely not a bad statistic.

To celebrate, the developers of Dolphin Browser have released Jetpack. Jetpack is an addon for the Dolphin Browser that promises much better performance in a lot of areas. Instead of making you take their word for it, Dolphin Browser and The Next Web put the addon through a range of tests. To include, Octane, Sunspider, and Ringmark.

The results are rather impressive. Dolphin Browser beat out Google Chrome in every test by a pretty decent margin and is the only mobile browser to date to reach the last ring in Ringmark. What’s more, it came first overall in most of those tests, beating out every other browser. That’s not bad for an addon.

Is Dolphin Browser the best browser out there?
As always, that’s subject to opinion. While Dolphin Browser stumped pretty much every other browser on the speed tests, there are other unique traits that make browsers stand out. For instance, Chrome and Firefox have their own networks of addons that are pretty extensive. Dolphin Browser has addons, but not as many as Firefox.In addition, there will always be opinions on how intuitive an interface is. Many users like Chrome’s tab system while other people prefer Firefox’s. Since there are so many preference options between browsers, it is impossible to conclude which browser is best. However, thanks to tests, we can conclude that Dolphin Browser is definitely among the fastest.Along with the Jetpack addon, Dolphin Browser itself got an update around the same time. Nothing too big, just a maintenance upgrade with a few bug fixes. With the Jetpack addon, Dolphin Browser continues to be a top competitor among other browsers. Have you used the Jetpack addon? If so, let us know what you think about it.

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