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As they say, it’s never too late to learn. There are so many apps available to educate children, but app makers sometime tend to forget that grown-ups like learning new stuff too. On the one hand, there is natural curiosity, the desire to know new stuff, or a genuine thirst for knowledge. On top of that, you have children continuously asking you intelligent, weird questions that you have no idea about. Kids have infinite curiosity about everything, and they just hate hearing “I don’t know” from a grown up too many times.

Then, the stuff you can learn from education apps are also great conversation makers at parties, and it is so much easier to break the ice with someone new by just astonishing them with a strange fact you have learnt recently. So whether your interest is astronomy, or anatomy, or particle physics, there is no end to learning, so go ahead and download an educational app of your interest.

You wouldn’t believe it, but there is quite a large number of educational apps for adults in the Android market. We’ve just listed out 6 of the very best of those. Be sure to let us know which one you like the best.

1. Star Chart

Which one of us has not looked up at a night sky and wondered whether a particular shiny celestial object was a star, a planet, or a comet? Many of us have also embarrassed ourselves while trying to impress a member of the opposite sex by naming a constellation wrong. This app, priced at three dollars, will tell you all you need to know about the night sky.

2. LH See

Particle physics does not turn on too many people, but if you are a geek that way, the LHSee app could work for you. This app tells you about lesser known particles and the experiments conducted on them, and you can even have a peek at the blueprints of different particle detector models.

3. Perfect Ear

Do you envy people who can recognize chords and scales without blinking an eye? Do you feel diminished as a music lover or as a musician because you cannot tell off the bat which chord your favorite band is playing? Practice recognizing chords and scales with the sound quizzes on this clever little app that is available for free, though you can also buy the pro version for a dollar.

4. Babbel

Named after the famed tower of Babel in the Bible where all languages were supposed to have been spoken, this app can teach you every day words in other languages, and also get you to master your pronunciation. You say the word to the phone, and the app corrects you till you get it right. The basic course is for free, but you can sign on to a more advanced one at $7.45 a month.

5. Speed Anatomy

If you wish you knew all the different parts of your body, you should really this free app. You start with the skeletal system, and once you have mastered the name of every little bone in the human skeleton, you move on to more complex systems.

6. Wapedia

Not only is Wapedia as good as Wikipedia, it is actually better. That would be because apart from Wikipedia content, Wapedia also links you to other Wiki content through the web. This app comes for free, but if you want the ad free version you’ll have to buy it for $2.79.

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