Entertainment apps conference 2012


The Entertainment Apps Conference will bring together top digital distribution and marketing execs from the major studios and networks, CE and set-top box makers, technology and platform providers, developer and content creators for a day-long conference on the emerging world of app-based entertainment content and services.

From social viewing and second-screen apps to content discovery to streaming and games, apps are becoming an integral piece of the content monetization puzzle. Variety’s Entertainment Apps Conference will focus on how content creators and distributors are using apps to enhance audience engagement, create new revenue opportunities, extend entertainment franchises and leverage power new social marketing and networking platforms.

Entertainment Apps Awards
The app economy is large, active and thriving, with nearly half of the U.S. population using mobile apps. With hundreds of thousands of apps in the hands of consumers, we’re honored to present the Entertainment Apps Awards to recognize the best apps in the entertainment industry, selected by industry stakeholders, publishers, academics, tech journalists and more. The Entertainment Apps Awards categories and judging criteria are about industry recognition and rewarding excellence and innovation within the apps industry.

9:15 – 10:00am Research Presentations
Presentations of the latest research from leading market research companies on consumer app use, app platform growth, device trends, revenue growth and growth projections.
10:00 – 10:45am State of the Industry: Apps and the Entertainment Economy
Apps are everywhere today. From movies and TV shows to music and games apps help us discover, share, discuss, and engage with entertainment content. But their role within the overall entertainment economy is still evolving. Are they merely supplements to existing entertainment properties or will apps evolve into a discrete profit center? Does a media company need an overall app strategy or are decisions about app platforms, data collection and monetization best left to individual P&L managers? How are apps changing media consumption patterns? On this panel, senior executives from leading media companies will discuss where apps fit within the overall media ecosystem, their strategic implications, and their long-term commercial potential.

10:45 – 11:00am Networking Break
11:00 – 11:45am MAIN TRACK Social Viewing Apps: Companion or Competition
Second-screen and companion apps have become standard equipment for entertainment shows and live sports on TV. But viewers and marketers are also embracing third-party social-viewing apps that let them create their own, synced second-screen experience around TV content. This panel will explore the emerging second-screen economy, the relationship between programmers and third-party social-viewing platforms, and the debate over who should own the second-screen experience.
11:00 – 11:45am DEVELOPER TRACK Paying to Play: New Tools for Monetizing Entertainment Apps and Content
As apps and app-delivered content become a bigger part of the entertainment economy, effective monetization strategies and payment tools grow more essential. Hear from leading media publishers, developers and platform providers on how they’re are cracking the monetization code using micro-payments, virtual goods, downloadable content, gamification, sponsored access and other tools to turn app content into paid content.
11:45 – 12:30am MAIN TRACK Monetizing the Second Screen
The first generation of second-screen apps were largely tools for enhancing viewer engagement and loyalty. But as the apps become richer and second-screen use begins to reach meaningful scale programmers, marketers and ad buyers are focusing more intently on monetization. This panel will highlight the latest developments in second-screen ad insertion, analytics and other tools to help programmers and marketers reach and target consumers on the second screen.
11:45 – 12:30am DEVELOPER TRACK The New Name of the Game
No one has embraced apps more avidly than gamers, helping open the door to a new generation of entrepreneur-developers and forcing established platform providers and game publishers to evolve quickly. Learn how mobile-social gaming, cloud-based platforms, and a new generation of mobile devices and consoles are transforming the game business and where the hottest gaming action is headed next.
12:30 – 1:45pm LUNCH
1:45 – 2:00pm Discovery Research Presentation
2:00 – 2:45pm MAIN TRACK Apps of Discovery
Content discovery remains a major challenge for TV, movie, music and game producers, but developers are making great strides in creating personalized, social discovery tools by tapping a growing number of data sources. Hear from the leaders in content discovery on where social discovery is headed, how the new tools influence consumer behavior and how big data is changing the discovery paradigm.
2:00 – 2:45pm DEVELOPER TRACK Smart TVs and Connected Devices: How Many Platforms are Too Many?
Sales of smart TVs and connected devices are growing rapidly, but so too is the complexity and fragmentation of the ecosystem. Developing for multiple screens across competing platforms and walled gardens presents unique challenges and risks. How can developers and the brands they work with navigate among the contending platforms and development environments? Where should they focus their resources? What are the best cross-platform and system-integration tools? What new platforms and challenges are on the horizon?
2:45 – 3:30pm MAIN TRACK Building App Brands
From movie and game franchises to cable networks to a music artist’s look and sound, the entertainment business revolves around brands. For apps to create long-term value for developers, brand-building will be essential. Leading developers and marketers discuss what it will take to start building long-lived brands around apps. Which app platforms best support branding? What are the essential elements of a successful app brand?
2:45 – 3:30pm DEVELOPER TRACK Multiple Deliveries: Social TV, Connected Devices and Second Screens
The second screen and social viewing are transforming TV viewing but also creating new challenges for delivering content and advertising to multiple screens. Explore the latest product and technology solutions for powering globally scalable, cross-platform content delivery. Learn how real-time viewer engagement is impacting programmers, marketers, and channel providers, affecting business models and shaping consumer behavior.
3:30 – 3:45pm Networking Break
3:45 – 4:45pm MAIN TRACK Apps for Kids: Digital Entertainment and Learning
Kids entertainment has long been a huge business. But apps, with their mobility and intuitive, touch-driven interactivity, offer a unique opportunity to engage with children, parents and educators to create innovative new experiences that incorporate both entertainment and learning. Leading kids producers and educational publishers discuss how apps and app-enabled devices are transforming kids content and blurring the lines between entertainment and educational programming.
3:45 – 4:45pm DEVELOPER TRACK Policy Innovation
New platforms, devices, consumer offerings and business models are challenging established regulations and policies regarding data rights, privacy, intellectual property and program access. Hear from policymakers and legal experts on where those debates are headed, and what legal and policy considerations business owners and developers should keep in mind as they innovate in those areas.
4:30 – 5:15pm The Storytellers
From apps to second screens, to connected devices and gamification, the tools available for telling compelling stories have never been greater or more engaging. Hear from today’s most innovative storytellers about how they’re incorporating multiple screens and interactivity into their works, how cross-platform viewer engagement affects story arcs and character development, and where storytelling will go next.

On December 1, the Entertainment Apps Conference will focus on efforts to develop new business models and strategies for monetizing long-form media content through self-contained apps. Bringing together executives in the interactive, marketing and distribution departments of movie and TV production and distribution companies, as well as third-party developers with apps platform providers, embedded apps platform developers, technology provider and Consumer Electronic device makers.

Discounted hotel rooms are available for conference attendees at the Sofitel Hotel, Los Angeles for $199/night. Mention Variety when making your reservation by calling 310-278-5444.

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