Eric Schmidt says About Android Chrome


Google chairman Eric Schmidt has relatively put an end to rumors claiming that the Chrome and Android running systems would certainly become a solitary body in the future.

Talking at the Big Outdoor tents conference in New Delhi, Schmidt claimed that Chrome and Android had remain separate items. Still, he did leave some area for the two globes to interact, pointing out that there could be others ‘commonness’ in between the 2.

According to Indian portal Very first Blog post (resource link here), Schmidt said that the choice pertaining to Chrome and Android is not made in connection with the person heading them.

So, will Chrome OS run Android applications in the future? If Eric Schmidt understands, he’s most definitely not informing us now, so speculations can continue.

Rumors concerning Google combining Chrome and Android have begun being noisier when Sundar Pichai, elderly vice president for Chrome and Google Apps at Google, has actually added Android to his responsibilities. This happened as Andy Rubin, the previous head of Android, has decided to pursue brand-new projects at Google.

How do you believe the “the masses” in between the two systems could operate?

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