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Blogger Breaks Android Face Recognition with… an image?

Universe Nexus primary

Almost always there is a scene inside your average spy action movie thriller which goes something such as this: The protagonist in some way eventually ends up having a recording of the person’s voice (or perhaps in gutsier movies, a duplicate of the fingerprint and/or eyeball), which stated super-spy then uses to get into a voice-, fingerprint-, or retina-locked room. Belongings and knowledge important to the plot: pilfered.

Among the additional features within the latest iteration of Google’s mobile OS, Android 4. (codename: Frozen Treats Sandwich), is the opportunity to unlock a person’s phone using a person’s noggin. Quite simply, your phone -the Samsung Universe Nexus, to make use of the market’s only example right now – uses its front-facing camera to consider a gander at the face. Whether it recognizes you, the telephone instantly opens without requirement for a PIN code or some type of graphical unleashing mechanism.

Neat, huh?

Obviously, facial recognition is not without its issues – we’ve got the technology simply did not work when shown throughout the Universe Nexus announcement earlier this October. But what goes on when facial recognition works too well? Or, to place it one other way, what goes on once the phone recognizes a face, however the face is not a full time income, breathing user holding stated phone?

This is the question resulting from a blogger at Soyaincau.com, that has allegedly had the opportunity to fool Android’s facial recognition system by supporting an image of themself to some Universe Nexus. And it is wasn’t a printed picture of his face: The blogger required an overview of themself utilizing a different phone, after which held that phone’s screen as much as the leading-facing camera around the Universe Nexus. Which, allegedly, is it required to unlock the Nexus.

“What’s much more important is making clear to everybody the test &mdash and also the video &mdash isn’t a trick. Some thought that people had designed the Universe Note to determine the image and never the face. We should stress that this isn’t the situation,” authored Soyaincau blogger “CC.” “The Universe Nexus within the video was the identical unit we i did so our hands-on video where we initially setup the unit to determine a face and never an image of the face.”

To Google’s credit, however, Android does indicate that facial recognition unleashing is “less secure than the usual pattern, PIN, or password” whenever a user goes to setup the feature. Nevertheless, amateur spy fanatics are most likely rubbing their hands together at the concept an image of the friends’ faces might be all they require to get into a treasure chest of smartphone data.

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