Facebook Android app updated, but not well


Mobile is the way to go for social networks and online service providers. And yet, not everyone gets it. Mobile devices are suppose to be the easiest way for users to share information wherever, whenever. Thankfully, companies like Facebook are improving their mobile products, although to a limited extent.The latest update to Facebook’s Android app includes a few incremental improvements, including the ability to add events straight from the smartphone interface and an improved photo uploading UI. Users can now embed photos and emoji emoticons to messages.Updating to version 1.9.8 of Facebook’s Android app will require manual approval, given the need to acquire your location through coarse-network method.

Android users shortchanged?
Facebook’s iOS app update, however, brings in drastic improvements, such as ditching the HTML5 interface in favor of a native approach to the social networking app. This drastic change leaves Android users short-changed. Business Insider reports that even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is disappointed with how the development of the Android app is going.Zuck is reportedly going as far as forcing developers to use the Android app to realize how “subpar” it is compared to the iPhone and iPad version.

Facebook is “dogfooding” — a term developers use to highlight their use of in-house developed apps (eating their own “dog food”). Of course, the alternative here for end-users is to use third-party apps for managing your Facebook account.But since Facebook is already able to build an iOS app that’s miles ahead of its Android counterpart, then what’s stopping them from releasing a similar update soon?

Do you use the Facebook app on your Android phone or tablet? Do you feel the same way, or can you live with knowing iPhone users are getting a better social networking experience?Like the rest of you,on my S3 it hums along just fine, I do get lag when looking at photos but am not sure if its down to the app/background processes/or other.I personally down care all that much, FB is just a time vacuum and there are other things I’m more concerned about.

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