Facebook releases updated Android apps


A brand-new Facebook upgrade has actually now struck the Google Play Shop, bringing along with it the capability to alter profile photos from within the app. Additionally, it is now easier to manage unwanted stories and spam from within the Information Feed. Outside of these two adjustments, Facebook also made improvements that make it simple to start a group message along with far fewer water faucets and less headache.

As you can see, nothing truly ground-breaking was presented along with this update, though Facebook is altering up the way it releases updates. Despite the fact that this update is just now hitting Google Play, some users have had it because Friday.

Exactly how does that job precisely? Evidently Facebook has a new ‘beta’ program that is made to project updates to ‘beta’ testers. The technique functions quietly in the background, beyond Google Play. This gives testers a possibility to provide responses prior to the upgrade strikes a wider assortment of individuals using Google Play.

According to Facebook, the quiet upgrade function will certainly be utilized for testers going forward as a method to see to it that new updates operate as they should. It is really seems like a fairly smart move, as it gives a few prepared volunteers early access to updates and at the same time implies Facebook can easily uncover bugs and various other troubles prior to updates launch. Beyond volunteer testers, Facebook does not seem interested in utilizing this quiet update method to change regular Google Play delivery.

Exactly what do you consider the suggestion of the modifications in this brand-new update? In addition, just what do you think of the new silent update technique for Google Play testers?

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