Facebook testing native Android app


You might be confused with our headline, given that Facebook already does have an app for Android. But if you’ve been a longtime mobile Facebook user, you would notice that the Android app doesn’t exactly offer the best user experience. That’s because it’s essentially an HTML5 app that runs within an Android app wrapper. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself admits that they need to improve the user experience, and that this is most likely to come from an altogether new app.

The company released its latest iOS app a few weeks ago, to rave reviews. It offers a much smoother and cleaner user experience for mobile users. With this in mind, Zuck reportedly asked his employees to go “dogfooding” — that is, use their own mobile product themselves, to see if it has any room for improvement. Even so, a native Facebook app was seen as months into the future, given

A source has tipped Engadget that Facebook is already testing its latest Android app. No further information was revealed, other than the fact that there is such an app under development, and that it’s already under final testing internally.

We hope to see a better Facebook app on our Android phones soon.A few months ago I ran a ROM on my phone that didn’t yet have working HWA and as a result the native browser wasn’t working properly. It wasn’t until then that I truely noticed that the facebook app was just a glorified dedicated browser because it was acting exactly the same way the browser was. I look forward to the improvements that facebook will offer with this update and maybe we can get working contact sync again.The current android apps lacks a BIG feature of posting a link/photo from any other app or source directly to any of ur subscribed Groups on FB! u have to post it on ur profile first then post it on d required group.

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