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AirDroid: Control your Android over the air

Sand Studios came with a smart solution for all Android users who want or need to control their smartphones or tablets remotely over Wi-Fi connection.

A nice advantage for AirDroid is its lack of limitations regarding O.S. since it requires no client, just access it by using your favorite browser, no matter if you are using Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. How so? When starting this app in your mobile phone or tablet you will be provided with the IP address of this device. In your Desktop Computer you access this address with a web browser and, after login with previous registered information (dynamic password).

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Once you’ve accessed you will see AirDroid’s interface (pretty cool, I may add), where you find shortcuts for the most common features of the Android device:

Access all messages stored in your phone, answer them or send a new one right away without taping or sliding your device’s keyboard; use your computer’s comfortably keyboard to write an SMS. When you read an SMS you have 3 tabs in that window: message, Contact Info and Call Log tabs, each tab is related to the sender of the SMS. This is quite a handy feature since you can edit a last minute change in the Contact Info or even add information. All changes will be synched with the contacts database.

Did you forget your phone’s headphones? Thanks to this feature of AirDroid you can see and listen to all the music stored in the Smartphone. Also you can set a particular song as incoming ringtone, notification ringtone or even as alarm ringtone. You can sort the music by song or by album. If the files have a picture in their ID3 tags, the music module will display them. Advanced music management includes exporting songs to the Desktop computer or importing songs to the mobile device and also deleting.

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Grouped by User, System and Recommends you can find all the apps installed on your Android device. Under User you see all the ones you have downloaded from the Android Market, under System there are all the apps native from your device (factory installed). There you will see the ones from Android and also the software from your cell phone’s manufacturer. Finally, under Recommends you will get some apps advices based on the already installed software.

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Once again you find tabs to organize better the ringtone assignment: Phone, Notification and Alarm.
Phone: you can set the default ringtone for incoming calls. If you need listening the sound file before setting it as ringtone, just push play (as Aerosmith would say). Notification and Alarm have the same features as Phone; the only difference between them is where to apply the ringtone (as notification or alarm). In all three tabs you will see the sign IN USE to point that file is being used as default ringtone for that event.

There is no surprise here: Files opens a folder explorer where you can see the content of the device’s memory. In my case, a Motorola Atrix, I can’t see the SD card. My SD card is 1 GB but it’s not visible for AirDroid yet (surely they are working on it). Anyway, you have access to all folders as well as basic folder management: add new folder, rename, etc. The same applies for files.

All contacts are organized by categories. You can edit each one of them in case there is something wrong about them. All changes will be saved and synched.

Android Market is open in a new tab when you hit the Market icon. Hundreds of apps for your mobile phone… Enjoy!

Call Log
Once again a mostly well organized window divided by tabs according to the nature of the phone calls: All, Incoming, Outgoing and Missed.
Advantage for Airdroid: multiple selections of items. You can delete as many registers as you want with a single click. Also you can start a chat session (SMS) by doing click in the chat option.

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