Fj tools android


Since I Have am virtually completed with Android and developing.
For anybody who might be thinking about including my tools within their ROMs, projects or whatever.
This is a flashable package plus full source in my latest version.
It can be you to definitely learn how to make use of this.
This is actually for designers as well as modders who would like to include this or modify it or do anything you want by using it.
Wipe the sofa by using it, I truly don’t care.
I’m by no means supporting this or helping anybody with this particular which i haven’t already worked with with.
n00bs save your valuable desperate questions about how to make this happen. This isn’t for n00bs.
For individuals that talk to me outdoors of XDA etc, you realize tips to get a your hands on me for those who have any queries.
Create pm me or message me with questions or help. PM is switched off anyway.
I made use of Eclipse to create and compile the apk thing about this package

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