Flipboard for Android gets performance


Flipboard launched its much-awaited Android release in June, first as a Samsung Galaxy S3 exclusive, and then as a free download on Google Play. The popular social reader app has just been updated with new features, including UI improvements and performance tweaks.

Version 1.9.6 offers improved performance and bug fixes, although the new version likewise provides added features. These include improved navigation within sections: a dropdown menu appears when you click on a section heading. The latest update also improves the handling of Google Reader RSS feeds, and will offer in-app hints that guide new users along the way. The update likewise new shopping cart features through Gilt Taste.Flipboard is a great social newsreader with roots in the iPad, and was among the first to popularize the magazine-style interface now found the likes of Zite and even Pulse. Flipboard is a free app compatible with Android 2.2 and above. Head on to Google Play to download.

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