Food apps for android phones


Mobile devices are really handy for a lot of things these days. You might use your phone to take quick notes, listen to music and podcasts, or as your alarm clock to wake up in the morning.There are hundreds of food applications available around for the iphones and for android phones. These are my Top 5 Best Android Food Apps which are most useful around the kitchen and are also my favorite apps. Learn to choose more sustainable and healthier food and tips and techniques to make you a better cook all from your phone. The only thing these apps can’t do is cook and bake for you! If you don’t have an iphone or android phone you can benefit from visiting the source websites or books for these resources. Simple to get these awesome applications you simply have to.One of the most common reasons people head out to the Android Marketplace for a new app is because they need yet another convenience. So many apps make life easier by providing quick access to information and an immediate solution to problems that you face in your daily schedule. One of the problems many families have today is that no one really has time to make dinner. It’s hard to plan out the meals – so when dinner comes, it’s hard to cook when you don’t even know what to cook.Luckily, I’ve found four recipe apps for Android that completely eliminate the time required to think up good meals, and they are also there when it’s time to cook – with easy step-by-step instructions and pictures to guide you on your way.

In my quite biased opinion, the very best app out there comes from none other than AllRecipes. AllRecipes was actually the first website that I started using religiously to come up with new and interesting meals, whenever it was my turn to cook for the family.I discovered AllRecipes years ago, created an account, and over the past 5 or 6 years it has been the primary source of recipes in our house. So, I was quite pleased to learn that they offer a cool, convenient Android app .In DinnerSpinner, you literally spin each wheel on the screen to decide the type of food you want to make (main dish, salad, drink, etc…), the ingredients that you want to use, and how long you’re willing to devote to preparation. I don’t think I’ve ever selected anything beyond 20 minutes or less!You’ll see a wide variety of dishes to choose from, and you can sort by rating and popularity, which saves a lot of time in finding the best dishes.The best thing about AllRecipes is that it probably has one of the largest recipe databases on the Internet, so you’ll always find something new. The recipe displays are quick to read and well-formatted. Just prop your phone up on the counter and start cooking!

Mobile Rush-Hour Recipes
When I’m really strapped for time, I turn to Mobile Rush-Hour Recipes. I think this app is, by far, one of the most convenient and fast recipe search apps that I’ve ever found for Android.
From the main page, you have several different search options to choose from. Surprise Me! is the fastest – it just gives you a random recipe to make (great if you love surprises). Gallery is just a random list of the top available recipes. Courses is a slightly more structured search.

Digital Recipe Sidekick
One of the more innovative recipe apps for Android is definitely the Digital Recipe Sidekick. Like Mobile Rush Hour, this app offers a quick, random selection of recipes to choose from if you’re really short on time. Or you can use the search engine to sift through the recipe database.The feature that really sets this app apart from the rest is the fact that it is integrated with voice features. You no longer need to worry about splashing food or liquids on your phone as you’re cooking – just set your phone on the counter on the other side of the kitchen, crank up the volume, and the Recipe Reader feature of this app will read the recipe steps to you out loud.

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