Food game apps for android


A fantastic game where memory is the challenge using fast food symbols as a means of fun and excitement and training those highly valued cognitive skills that shapes the minds of today and tomorrow.

Excellent graphics that are sharp and crisp so that the player will know which symbol is which and not have to strain themselves.Fun sounds to carry you along and an artificial intelligence that is challenging but not frustrating.

– 3D Icons
– Touch Screen
– Sounds on/off options

– Vibrate on/off option
– Level difficulty based on time
– Automatic High Scores


This app is important for many reasons.The primary reason is because it is a game where simple yet complex cognitive memory is tested.Both long and short term memory and other cognitive abilities are put to the test in a non invasive way.

Yahoo!7 Food is a new app, unfortunately exclusive to Australasian customers. It provides it’s readers with hundreds of recipes from leading chefs and provides the ingredients and instructions to allow anyone to create their dish of choice. Quite possibly the best food app on the Android Market. Upon opening the Yahoo!7 Food app, you are presented with a screen to select you the choice of searching through recipes in a couple of different ways, whether it is the featured recipes, Cuisine, Occasion, searching via ingredients, meals of the day and a few more. You can also choose to view video recipes as the meal is created, or choose a recipe from one of Australia’s leading magazines including Men’s Health, New Idea and Better Homes and Gardens. Each of these options are quite in depth and provide you with a large range of choices. For example, choosing the “search by meal” option, you are presented with 9 different choices, ranging from Main to Breakfast to Drinks. And after choosing an option you are shown a list of recipes, with pictures provided, of the meals within that category. The same goes for all the others.

Yahoo!7 Food’s videos are as descriptive as those “tutorials” you see on TV. Although a bit lengthy at times, the videos are quite useful for those that do not understand a few cooking terms and need more guidance than an experienced chef. Yahoo!7 has definitely created a great platform for Android users to get their cooking fix.

One feature that improves the Yahoo!7 app even further is the Shopping List function, allowing you to look through recipes and then add their ingredients to your shopping list, readily available for when you need it in the supermarket. Saves users writing them out on your phone or notepad. And with a shopping basket next to each item in the ingredients menu, adding them to your shopping list has been made extremely easy. The Yahoo!7 Food app is definitely a great Android App, and is a recommendation from TheDroidVault. The only impacting downside is the availability outside of Australia. Hopefully Android and Yahoo!7 can work out a deal to send this app international, so no one is deprived from this great tool. The Yahoo!7 Food’s

tags in their app are also displayed, but this should be easily fixed in a near future update.

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