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Food apps are a huge part of any app store. You can find restaurants with Yelp, share photos with Foodspotting, check the sustainability of your fish with Seafood Watch, read any of a million cookbooks–but we wondered what the experts do with their phones. So we asked six food experts–including chef Wylie Dufresne of wd~50 and the bar manager of the most exciting, cutting-edge cocktail bar in New York–what food-related apps grace their phones.This project is an Android based application that is all about food.

The main idea of the application is to enable the user to create dishes and meals through a game like interface. The user can then use this created dish to try to find matches in real life restaurants. The data for the dishes will come from recommendations made by users who ate these dishes and posted them on the application. The user can also view all the recommended nearby dishes based on their location.

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