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Our efforts to be responsible with our personal finances and the desire or need to shop often clash, so being frugal and educated when hitting the mall or grocery store is essential. That rings especially true these days, when everyone is about to or has just kicked off the holiday shopping season.Thankfully, a number of shopping apps for iPhone and Android phones seamlessly enhance your shopping experiences with price comparisons, targeted coupons, information, reviews, rewards, and more.We went searching for the best shopping apps on the market, and keeping in line with’s frugal values, they are all free.Looking for other great personal finance apps? Check out this list of the best free financial calculator apps, best iPad personal finance apps and the best Android personal finance apps.

Potentially the hottest shopping app this holiday season, Shopkick is a rewards app that gives you ‘kickbucks’ for walking into its partner stores, scanning barcodes on specified items, and completing certain actions, which can be combined and unlock bonus rewards points (almost like putting together a puzzle). These reward points can then be redeemed for free gift cards at those stores, iTunes gift cards, or other incentives.
The app is still in its infant stages and its most notable partners at this point are Best Buy, Target, American Eagle, and Macy’s. Will these promotions pay off for Shopkick’s partners to the point that they will want to continue running the incentives or will people game the system and end up not purchasing things? Time will tell, but if more national partners are brought on board, this app could really take off due to its fun factor and uniqueness.

Google Shopper
Search for a product by image, barcode, voice, or typing what you’re looking for. Once the product is identified, you’ll find a product description, online reviews, price comparisons, local stores that carry the product, and even detailed directions on how to get there. Zero app developers have as much backing to create apps as Google, which is why this app remains free and incredibly functional.

Not as full-featured as Google Shopper, this is nevertheless the go-to app for barcode scanning for iPhone (where Google Shopper is not yet available). You can scan a barcode, get online price comparisons, see user generated reviews, and then directions to the nearest store that carries the item.

Points Inside
How many times have you been lost in a mall or airport, couldn’t find a directory map, and had absolutely no clue where you were or where you needed to get to? Points Inside aims to come to your rescue. It includes interactive maps for over 700 malls and 85 U.S. and international airports that shows you where you are located and where your destination is. Pretty sweet. Check out this list to see if the mall in your area or airport you’ll be flying into is covered.

Grocery IQ

This grocery shopping app (created by takes grocery shopping to the next level. Make grocery lists, scan barcodes of items you frequently buy, sync and share your grocery lists with others (so you don’t double down on the same items as those you live with), and send coupons right to your loyalty card. Having a consistent grocery list for each store you shop at is a fail-safe way to keep your grocery expenses down. Getting targeted coupons on the stuff that you already buy? Even better.

Key Ring Rewards Cards

Love loyalty cards but hate having a key-ring that feels like a mini flip book engulfing your pocket? Or maybe you have the bigger versions stuffed into your wallet, which is single-handedly giving your chiropractor job security. You can use this app’s scanner to scan your key ring barcodes (or manually put in the numbers if the scanner doesn’t work). From there, you can simply use your mobile device at checkout as your loyalty card. Also, for those stores that you have a loyalty card with that partner with Cellfire coupons and 33 grocery store chains, the coupons automatically get uploaded to your loyalty card, you can track which coupons you have available.

It’s always nice to come home to a well-stocked refrigerator and make a delicious dinner for yourself or your family. Planning your grocery list can ensure that, when you make a trip to the store, everything you need to make the week’s meals will be bought in one trip.Particularly if you live with a spouse, significant other or roommate whom you split the groceries with, compiling a joint list can be a hassel. A number of apps attempt to solve this problem by either organizing your lists, or syncing your lists into one list. Check out our top four apps to make grocery shopping more efficient and just easier altogether.

This is a super helpful app if you share a grocery list with a spouse. Both people download the app and enter the same email address on the setup screen to access one joint account. Click the confirmation email and you’re ready to make shared lists. Anyone can make a list or add an item. You can sort your grocery list by item type — meat, dairy, etc. — and also title each grocery list. Say you’re both shopping at the same time, you tap the items to cross them off the list and the other person’s list is automatically updated in seconds. OurGroceries is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry. If there is a downside to this app, it’s that it is not very aesthetically pleasing, at least compared to some of the other grocery list apps. But it works well.

BuyMeAPie: If you search the App Store for “grocery list free” you’ll find the lite version of this app. Search “Buy Me a Pie” and you’ll find the $2.99 full version of this grocery list app. From Skript, LLC, based in Russia, the lite version of this app offers list making abilities, plus a list organization system, while the fully loaded version adds the ability to sync lists with other iOS devices and send links to various lists via SMS or email. All users can create lists using items in the app’s dictionary of items. This is somewhat limited, but you can type in your own items, too, and the dictionary will remember those for future reference.

Out Of Milk: Do you ever go to the grocery store and forget what’s already in your pantry? Out of Milk holds your grocery list as well as keeps stock of what’s in your pantry — you have to enter this information, of course, and keep it up-to-date. Listing syncing is free on this app. Users can enter the quantity of each item and organize according to aisles. Pull-up various lists with the top bar popup menu. Available on Google Play.

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