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Whenever we released our list of the greatest medical apple iphone applications for doctors and students, we’d a lot of demands for any follow-up publish highlighting medical applications for that Android operating-system that people needed to get it done. We have reduced the over 1,200 “Health” applications within the Android Marketplace to 18 groups and 60 applications created for doctors, nurses and students. We have particularly targeted the selected applications towards individuals professions and from customers.Just like the apple iphone, there’s regrettably lack of quality applications for being able to access electronic health record programs.Our methodology was simple. We sifted through all 1,200 applications within the Health category and drawn the greatest ranked, best applications for doctors, nurses and students within the particular groups. Each category is sorted by most widely used application, as based on the rankings within the Android Marketplace. You’ll most likely see many of the same brand applications which were indexed by good medical apple iphone applications list.Eight several weeks ago, we released our listing of the very best 5 Free Android medical applications. Ever since then, the Android platform has broadened considerably. The excitement surrounding Android &mdash exciting phones, growing share of the market, more applications, or even a &ldquoMedical&rdquo category available on the market – point toward the ongoing existence of Android within the competition for that hearts, minds, and purses of healthcare professionals and students.It is now time to update and expand the very best 5 free android medical applications list. The initial list wasn’t impressive, because of the possible lack of quality medical applications around the Android platform at that time. However, this new top 15 free android medical applications list shows the amount of quality has considerably elevated within the Android Marketplace.

Before You Begin

One factor to notice before you decide to dive into their list is the fact that each application the following is related to the profile on, the definitive database for Android Marketplace applications. That profile consists of prices information, rankings, version number and download size.Each application profile on also consists of a picture of the QR code, which appears like a UPC code. When you download the Barcode Scanner application in the Android Marketplace, you will have a handful of new choices for installing applications. Listed here are two methods to download applications via QR code on your monitor. Launch the Bar Scanner application and scan your actual monitor (the QR code image itself) together with your Android phone. Tap &ldquoOpen in Market&rdquo button that appears and you’ll be forwarded to that application, within the Android Marketplace.
Tap the look. If you are viewing an app’s QR code in your Android phone, you can just tap the look from the code and you’ll be forwarded to the Android Marketplace where one can download the application.
Leave any suggestions within the comment section and we’ll update their email list when we visit a good application we skipped.


SkyScape Medical Assets – Free – Skyscape Medical Assets is an accumulation of medical information and decision support assets for health care professionals for example doctors, nurses, PAs, NPs, medical students, student nurses and much more. Whenever you install the Application, it’ll download your free assets including RxDrugs, OCM & Archimedes.Lexi-Comp – Free – Keep up-to-date with Lexi-Comp’s reliable clinical understanding, now in the touch of the mouse. This application includes 30-times of use of all databases Lexi-Comp offers for the Android phone. Plus 100s of images, information, and tables provided with a cell or wi-fi compatability connection, so you are never without solutions again.

Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy – $76.95 – Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy is easily the most loved and finest selling anatomy atlas within the British language. In line with the phenomenal medical artwork of Dr. Frank H. Netter, full-color anatomic illustrations allow customers to check on their own key anatomic structures and associations.999 Medical Anatomy Terms Quiz – $2.29 – Learn 100s of anatomy and physiology definitions through multiple choice quizzes, flash cards and dictionaries.Anatomy from the Brain – $1.99 – Anatomy from the Mental abilities are a completely-featured expensive card application that can help you discover the names, locations, and processes well over 125 areas of the mind. Ideal for doctors, nurses, medical students or anybody thinking about medicine.


Cardio Calc – Free – This application consists of cardiology clinical hand calculators and decision support tools, Framingham & Reynolds risk score, CHADS2 plus much more. It is made for anybody controlling patients with cardiovascular disease disease or fat disorders.Cardiovascular Pharmacology – $1.99 – This can be a fully-featured expensive card application that can help you find out about cardiovascular pharmacology.EKGdroid – $3.99 – This can be a simple arrhythmia guide for Android products. Each element of the EKG is described.

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