Free Android Apps for Productivity


By simple definition, productivity programs make reference to software packages that allow you to get things done-and faster, or even more effectively. The less fluff and also the less clutter, the greater the productivity application.You most likely own several productivity suites for the desktop or laptop. Android products get their share of these programs, too. They literally number through the 100s, or possibly 1000′s. Will not your jump spinning should you needed to inspect each one of these?Google android Authority comes to save the day! Within this feature publish, we list some of the most-examined, most-ranked, and totally free Android productivity applications. Whatever you freeloaders available, you might get these directly from Android Market.Hopefully, with one of these free applications, you are able to turn your Android phone or tablet right into a productivity powertool (as though it is not that effective yet, right?).


This full-feature office productivity application is free of charge. Yet, for any free application such as this, OliveOfficePremium already enables you to definitely do the majority of the other compensated office productivity applications allow you to do: view and edit Microsoft ‘office’ (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PPTX) files and examine Portable Document Format (PDF) and Microsoft Put together HTML Help (CHM) files. While other office suites allow you to purchase premium, that one provides you with premium features free of charge.

Simple Spreadsheet (free/advertisements)

It could have a simple title, but Simple Spreadsheet is really a full-featured, stand alone spreadsheet application for the Android device. Regardless of the simplicity that it is title claims, it’s really in a position to enter complex functions and formulas into spreadhseet cells. Cell reference highlighting also enables you to view which cells or ranges are recommended inside your formulas. This free version includes advertisements, and doesn’t directly support MS Stand out excel spreadsheets, except with the intermediary Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format. The developer hates crippleware, so advertisements are what you want-or, if you wish to ditch the advertisements, choose the compensated version. Really small memory footprint at 300 KB.

Shead Spreet Lite

Having a tongue-twisting application title, Shead Spreet Lite is yet another stand alone spreadsheet application. Unlike Simple Spreadsheet (Free/Advertisements), that one does support viewing and editing MS Stand out files, except individuals held in XSLX format. The lite version forcedly shows a splash screen and shows merely a 10&times10 spreadsheet power grid. It supports viewing and editing of Tab-Separated Values (TSV) and Comma-Separated Values (CSV) files, and may even output to HTML. Stop twisting your tongue pronouncing the app’s title and concentrate rather in your spreadsheet responsibilities with Shead Spreet Lite.

e-Android-cell Light
Another free stand alone MS Stand out spreadsheet application, e-Android-cell Light can directly view and edit MS Stand out files (for Stand out versions 95 as much as 2003). For MS Stand out 2007 files, you will have to interface the application with Google Paperwork, which works the conversion from XLSX to XLS. The lite form of this application only enables opening, editing, or saving existing excel spreadsheets you can’t create new excel spreadsheets. Help make your Android crunch individuals spreadsheet amounts with this particular application.

The Android interface is not the same as the greater familiar, classical productivity tools. But, should there be a productivity application that attempts to provide your Android that familiar feel and look of the paper-based productivity tool like a personal organizer, it’s Jorte. It appears like a calendar planner, however with easy to customize sights-you are able to display the calendar in both monthly or weekly sights, with respect to the orientation of the phone. And, this is what causes it to be much better than a paper-based calendar: you are able to manage it using Google Voice also it can interact with Google Maps. Make certain setting up Jorte in your Android system is in your to-do list.

Business Calendar Free
Business Calendar Free is yet another personal organizer or calendar that lots of Android customers have placed on their products. It carries no extras, no fluff. Only a plain, old reliable personal organizer application that actually works. This is actually the ad-backed, free version. For many customers, the characteristics of the free version suffice for his or her needs, despite the inconspicuous advertisements. Additionally, it may sync together with your Google calendar. Make certain you depart on your hard drive planner some room for setting up this free application.

DejaOffice -Outlook, USB sync

Some Android customers prefer different applications for his or her different productivity needs. But, if you are searching for a nearly all-in-one productivity application, DejaOffice -Outlook, USB Sync might be ideal for you. It’s almost all you need for productivity running a business or at work: advanced contacts management, calendar features, tasks, and notes. Additionally, it includes a feature for safeguarding private records having a password. This application really looks better on Android pills because it may be shown on a dual-pane screen. The application may also sync along with other productivity software through its optional, but non-free, PC Sync. Do this office-in-your-Android a while.

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