Free android flashlight app


Flashlight app by Gabriel Nativo is totally free (ad-supported) software for Android powered mobile phones.

Based on the developer it features a vibrant light and begins fast. It required a lot more than 315 hrs to build up, design increase this torch till now.


Vibrant light
Begins fast: 1.3 seconds (from phone), 1.6 seconds (from sdcard). Examined on the HTC Wildfire S
Fast On-Off light toggling
High definition (HD) shows supported
Uses your camera expensive brought as source of light, unlike another torch applications
SDCard installation support

This torch doesn’t install undesirable shortcut symbols in your desltop and it doesn’t install instantly beginning services that drain battery. This torch uses your camera expensive brought as source of light and it is therefore much better than torch applications which use the display rather as source of light.

The torch file is large as this torch consists of high definition images for products having a high definition shows. But it may be placed on sdcard, therefore the size should not be any problem.


Network communication, Full Access to the internet: – This permission is necessary for torch to have the ability to download advertisements from the web.

System tools, Prevent phone from sleeping: – This permission is necessary for torch to avoid the unit to enter sleep mode, because otherwise your camera expensive brought would set off instantly.

Hardware controls, Take pictures: – This permission is essential, as this torch uses your camera expensive brought as source of light that may simply be utilized within the camera. On some products it’s essential to use advanced features (e.g. auto-focus) so as obtain the brought working. Don’t be concerned, no pictures are taken.

Hardware controls, Control torch: – This torch needs this permission to manage the sunshine from the camera expensive brought.

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