Free Book The Da Vinci Code on Google Play Store


Dan Brown’s publication is one you either liked or hated, however it was inconceivable to disregard (at least a few years ago). Now, The Da Vinci Code manual is able as a free of cost download in the Google Play Store for a minimal period of time.

Doubleday, Dan Brown’s publisher, estimated by the Wall Street Journal, has announced that guide will be offered totally free at online sellers, featuring the Google Play Shop, till March 24. Other sellers participating in the deal consist of Barnes & Noble, Amazon or the Apple iBookstore.

If you believe that this offer does not do considerably for you given that you’ve currently review guide, you must understand that there still is something in it for you. The free of cost edition features the prologue and first chapter of Dan Brown’s next book, Snake pit, established for release on May 14.

Are you getting The Da Vinci Code?

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