Free games for android 2.2 froyo


The Best Android Froyo Apps (Android 2.2)

Android 2.2 Froyo Apps

The update to the Android 2.2 OS brings a whole new set of possibilities for users to make use of. For instance it is the first time possible to view Flash content on the Android smartphone or tablet. Also tethering and cloud to Device services are inextricably linked with the name Froyo. Thus we decided to create a list of the best apps for Android 2.2

Chrome to Phone enables users to transmit links, Google Maps maps and phone numbers from your PC to the Android smartphone like a breeze. The user can, for example send a link to his phone which his browser will automatically open. The only thing is, in order to use Chrome to Phone users have to also use the same browser extension for their Google Chrome browser.

Chrome To Phone Android App

Before Android 2.2, apps could only be saved in the internal memory of smartphones. Thanks to the advanced capabilities of Froyo they can now be moved after installation to an SD card. MoveToSD takes use of this update completing its task exceptionally well. Helping users to avoide running out of space on their smartphone. It can now be downloaded for free from the Android Market.

Move2SD Android App


Air is one of the core components of Flash. The Android app offers new possibilities for developers, also enabling Air apps and games to run better Android devices. The list of available games for Android Adobe Air is growing steadily and now offers something for every taste.

Adobe Air Android App

android2cloud is similar to Chrome to Phone except it operates in the opposite direction. Enabling users to send links from the Chrome Browser of their smartphone to his or her PC.

android2cloud Android App

With Android users can watch live Flash videos on the go, such as channels like CNN, Euro News, Bloomberg TV. To watch other channels it is possible to record them. In the beginning the channel selection was very limited delivering mainly U.S. programs, but with each update more and more international channels will be added

This is an add-on for the most popular 3rd party browser Dolphin, which is also supported by previous versions of Android. But only with the new Android 2.2 could it supply users with a perfect full screen.

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