Fusion voicemail plus android review


Another application continues to be taken off the Android Market due to payment issues. This time around, the victim is PhoneFusion’s popular Visual VoiceMail application Fusion Voicemail Plus, which within the last many years had gathered on the million downloads. The reason behind the removal is based on section 3.three of the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement, which makes sure using Google’s payment processing system for those transactions between clients and software companies.

For individuals individuals who do not know the application, Fusion Voicemail Plus was able to listing and assembling in one location all your voicemail messages, including that relating to your cellular line, your workplace phone, your house phone, and then any other voicemail mailbox. It might accomplish this by redirecting or sending all of your un-answered calls to the servers, technically developing a single mailbox for your voicemails.

Essentially, Google never received its share from the profit, produced through the otherwise free application, since PhoneFusion charges their customers for premium Fusion Voicemail Plus services through its very own website. Obviously, Google wasn’t too happy about this and made the decision to close the lid on. A last measure solution for PhoneFusion is always to upload the program in general new program towards the Market, using the problem resolved, obviously, but which means losing all of the positive feedback, which customers have remaining through the years. Regrettably, another obvious suggestion by Google is not provided to the designers yet.

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