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Though our behavior doesn’t always reflect the belief, good health is about the most valuable attribute we can hope to possess. To aid our efforts to optimize our health and fitness levels, there are applications available for BlackBerry smartphones for just about every need.Are you a fitness freak? Do you use a BlackBerry phone? If your answer is yes to both the questions, then you are at the right place. Here are some interesting health and fitness apps for BlackBerry users.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer was quoted as saying that happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. While bowing to the good doctor’s wit and wisdom, in today’s hectic world, a good memory is a powerful tool towards improving our health and fitness and that’s where BlackBerry Health & Fitness applications excel. Their perfect memory can be invaluable in recalling those details that we may forget.

Among the most popular Health & Fitness programs are those that maintain records of dietary intake and exercise regimens. Using applications in this group, we can record exercise routines as they’re completed without having to remember to make entries in a log book at a later time when the pertinent details could be omitted. Food eaten can also be entered in real time, a tremendous advantage when trying to accurately track consumption. Many of these applications use the information entered to calculate the number of calories consumed as well as the calories expended through exercise. Some go further to calculate the exact impact on progress to ideal or goal weight.

There are other applications that are designed to track specific medical conditions including hypertension or diabetes. The detailed information can be critical in managing disease and communicating with doctors. There are also medical dictionaries and encyclopedia, medication guides, and comprehensive health history records which allow for recording of information like vaccinations, test reports, doctor information, and daily journals.

Some of the applications are geared towards providing information rather than recording an individual’s specific information. There are applications which provide detailed information about the nutritional content of foods including calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They can also alert us to some of those dietary landmines like cholesterol and saturated and trans-fats. Others provide guidelines for adhering to specific diets.

A final grouping of Health and Fitness applications is comprised of how-to guides. These include first aid and cures for common maladies such as headaches and hangovers. There are even highly specialized guides for health care professionals like physicians, nurses, and paramedics.

With the variety of BlackBerry Health & Fitness applications that are available, a bit of a road map to finding one that has your required features would be helpful. The various vendors refer to the category by different names including Health and Wellness, Nutrition & Wellness, Personal Healthcare and Medical. Sometimes they even turn up in unexpected categories like Entertainment or Personal Productivity. If you’re having trouble finding an application that meets your requirements, the vendor’s search feature can often be helpful.

It’s critical that the user interface is easy to use or it’s not likely that you’ll utilize the application consistently enough for it to be of much value. The best programs have interfaces that are intuitive and simple. Trying the interface is probably the best reason to take advantage of the free trial that is offered with many of the applications.


Graphic displays should be easy to read, informative, and easy on the eyes. Some default color schemes are rather harsh. Fortunately, most applications have customizable color preferences.

Stated simply, the program must work smoothly without causing the BlackBerry to freeze.

Program size:

The memory required for Health & Fitness application varies widely. Programs used for recording user data are typically small, generally less than 100KB. Conversely, reference applications contain large amounts of data and can approach 1MB.

So here’s to your very good health…and fitness! We think you’ll find our objective reviews of Health & Fitness applications for BlackBerry useful and informative, because at TopTenREVIEWS We Do The Research So You Don’t Have To.

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