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Accessory Development Package

The Accessory Development Package (ADK) is really a reference implementation for hardware producers and enthusiasts for a beginning point for building add-ons for Android. Each ADK release will get source code and hardware specifications to really make the procedure for working on your own add-ons simpler. Creating new and alternative hardware in line with the ADK is urged!

Android add-ons could be audio docking stations, machines, personal medical testing products, weather stations, or other exterior hardware device that increases the functionality of Android.

Add-ons make use of the Android Open Accessory (AOA) protocol to talk with Android products, on the USB cable or via a Bluetooth connection. If you’re building an adjunct that utilizes USB, make certain you know the way to apply the AOA protocol to determine communication involving the accessory hardware and Android. To learn more, begin to see the Android Open Acessory protocol.

The next sections provide more details concerning the Android Accessory Development Kits, cooking techniques, and just how to obtain began building your personal add-ons for Android.

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