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The ‘android developer console’ publish and save buttons don’t do anything

I login and click the “APK Files” tab and upload my updated APK. I have done this successfully 15 times before. I press the save button, literally nothing happens. No error, no message, no page refresh, nada. When I press the “Un-publish” button, nothing happens. I’ve triple checked my program, it is working perfectly. I’ve tried other browsers, restarted eclipse, the smartphone, computer, it’s all fine.

Something is wrong with Android market console. The android APK save button doesn’t work.

OK I figured out my problem.. I’m 100% certain it’s a bug in the android developer console / Android market console.

Basically what happened is the exchange rate in Zimbabwe, Quatar and Togo and a few other places changed their exchange rates due to inflation or whatever, and when I uploaded my new APK, google needed me to review and change the prices for these countries. So to fix here is what I have to do:

Go to
Login, click your program in the android app listings, click “Upload APK tab”.
Upload your APK.
Click the save and publish buttons, which are completely ineffective.
Click the greyed out tab: “Product Details”.
Scroll 3/4 the way down to the exchange rate section, there is a red box around some countries.
Enter in a price for those countries, fix any other red items. Click on the checkmarks at the bottom to re-validate the stuff you’ve validated before.
Go back to the upload APK tab. Click Save. The save produces the expected result “save completed”.

Recommendation for the Google: Pushing the save button should produce a popup: “You need to review some currency exchange problems in the program details”.

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