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Google Maps for Android up-to-date to version 6.9, goes offline

Android customers have another reason to smile due to Google I/O 2012. Google Maps offers an offline feature for that current update of Google Maps, enabling customers to gain access to saved parts of maps on their own phone without using an active connection.

Many customers love the idea of Google Maps and loads survive onto it every day. However with intermittent deficits of connection, the entire reason for Maps sometimes becomes useless, because the location vanishes the moment signal sheds. The recently up-to-date Google Maps version 6.9, that is on Play Store now, enables customers to avail offline functionality in over 150 nations and conserve to 6 large metro areas.

Customers can choose the “offer offline” option and choose how big the location, both when it comes to distance covered in addition to just how much data this can consume. The utmost size while saving an area offline seems to become roughly 60 Megabytes. The entire Delhi and NCR could be covered in roughly 20 Megabytes. This causes it to be quite a great application upgrade. Additionally, it fortifies its stand against Apple’s three dimensional Maps that have been introduced a couple of days ago at WWDC and threatened to destabilize Google’s virtual monopoly over internet maps.

This may come as large news for individuals planning to go to places where there’s no signal for example camping, subterranean railways along with other such places. Foreign vacationers can also store offline data of metropolitan areas they visit and employ it offline there, where massive data charges would certainly apply because of roaming.

The offline options that come with Google Maps do include their very own group of disadvantages. Although the update allows voice navigation, the offline mode doesn’t enable search choice for places using the map selection or the opportunity to get directions. Essentially, these maps are electronic versions of paper maps, which will come like a disappointment because Nokia Maps and MapMyIndia together with certain other services offer complete navigation support even just in offline mode.

All-in-all, it’s still a noticable difference along with a handy feature to possess. Google claims when Gps navigation is enabled around the device, nowhere us dot will still work without a web connection. Additionally towards the offline mode, has additionally launched a softer and faster Compass Way of Street View in Google Maps for Android.

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