Google to host an Android event on October 29th in New York


Google has just sent various members of the press an invitation to an event that’s scheduled to take place on October 29th in New York City. We’re confident in saying that the next Nexus phone will be unveiled there. Whether we’ll just see one phone, the leaked LG Nexus 4, or multiple Nexus handsets, each from a different handset maker, remains to be seen. It should be noted that October 29th is also when Microsoft plans to launch Windows Phone 8. That press conference will take place in California, so it adds fuel to the long standing East Coast versus West Coast feud.Is Google going to announce a new version of Android? We highly doubt it. Jelly Bean will turn four months old on the 27th of October, so it’s too soon for the next major version of Android to be demoed. We might see a point upgrade, meaning Android 4.2, but that’s about it. Yesterday we saw a video that showed Google was planning to add a quick settings menu to the pull down notification bar. Instead of putting multiple toggles at the top of the bar like Samsung does with TouchWiz, Google will make it so that users have to swipe down twice.

Looking ahead, when can we realistically expect the next Nexus to actually be on store shelves? Considering that the Nexus 4 is nothing more than the LG Optimus G in a different body, and AT&T announced that they’re going to start selling the Optimus G on November 2nd, we’re also confident in saying that the next Nexus should be available within two weeks of being announced.

If you’re in need of a new smartphone, we’re going to have to recommend that you wait. The 29th isn’t that far off, you can make it!All Google need to do is have on offer a phone with high end specs such as the GS3 and they will be on a winner. I love the GS3 but Samsung is too slow with updates – how is it that they can bring out 3 more phones with Jelly Bean yet not have it available on their flagship phone? I’d certainly think twice before buying a Samsung again for the very reason that their support for existing products drops off rapidly.Its not samsungs fault. GS3 is getting updated across the globe to jelly bean. Blame your USA carrier. If you don’t want to wait even longer buy a international phone

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