Google TV update enables content from the Google Play Store

If you are a Google TV user, you will soon be able to access TV shows, movies and music from the Google Play Store. The update started rolling out yesterday, so it’s possible that you may already have it.

It seemed puzzling that for a long time, you could use Google Play on your TV to purchase apps, but not to purchase other digital content. With this update, users will finally be able to use Play on their Google TV like they can on their phone or tablet.

Google TV users can now use the Play Store to purchase music, and either purchase or rent TV shows and movies. Additionally, any content previously purchased for another device, like a tablet for example, will now be available via Google TV.

In addition to the new features, the Google Play Store for Google TV will be receiving the same “smart updates” feature that the Play Store for other Android devices received back in August. Other features for developers like automatic updating for apps and subscription billing were also added in this update.

While the update was first made available yesterday, Google is saying that the full rollout will take place over the next few weeks. No specific word on when all users can expect the update has been given.

Have you got the update for your Google TV yet? How do you like the new features? Do you think you’ll use them, or do you plan stick to another service like Netflix for your content needs?

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