Hidden eye android app

The worst scenario may be that you simply leave the telephone around several buddies, return and discover that all your social networking accounts happen to be compromised. Whenever you yell to your buddies asking who made it happen, nobody constitutes a seem.

Well, using the free Hidden Eye application for Android products, now you can acquire some help finding the guilty party&mdashor just discover who’s been spying using your phone.

Hidden Eye is definitely an simple application that can take an image with the front-rear camera whenever anybody includes a unsuccessful attempt for keying in the password around the lock screen.
To ensure that the applying to operate, the unlock password for that phone needs to be more than 3 letters or points. When you unlock the telephone properly, the applying will highlight the dates together with the images taken of anybody who improperly entered passwords.
HiddenEye does not use all Android phones, like the Nexus, but works using the Samsung Universe S2 and S3, Motorola Android RAZR, HTC Evo 4G, yet others.

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