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The Mac App Store is full of productivity apps that range in price from $0.99 all the way up to $99.99 (a few even more than that). While some Mac app users believe that expensive equals better, others just can’t afford pricey apps (or refuse to pay over a certain amount) and opt for cheaper alternatives.So today, we’re going to focus on the 6 top-rated productivity apps in the Mac App Store that are totally free! Yes, though often hard to find, free apps do exist. You’ll see that not only are these free productivity Mac apps useful, but they’re just as good as paid alternatives – some maybe even better.

1. Droplr
Droplr is an amazing app that makes sharing images, screenshots, documents, notes, files and links quick and easy. The app sites in your Mac menubar until you’re ready to share something. Then, you simply drag and drop whatever it is that you’d like to share right onto the menubar icon (there’s also a keyboard shortcut if you prefer). Once uploaded, the link will be automatically copied to your clipboard so that you can paste it into an IM message, email, tweet or anywhere else.Droplr is also very similar to CloudApp, another free productivity app for Mac that simplifies file and link sharing.

2. Inbox Classic
Inbox Classic is a to-do list manager and project organizer, that is set up much like an email inbox and inspired by the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodologies. The purpose of this free productivity app is to help you stay focused and organized at the same time. You can use Inbox Classic to capture and process ideas, organize simple to complex projects, set alarms and reminders, and much more.There are also iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad, but you can’t sync your tasks. However, there’s a paid update coming soon that will allow you to sync your tasks.

3. Alfred
Alfred has been reviewed here, at Make Tech Easier, in the past so I’m not going to go into it too much. Alfred is an awesome app launcher and search tool that can take the place of Spotlight – and probably will take its place once you start using it. I personally use Alfred on my Macbook Pro and I love it; it’s quick, convenient and highly customizable.

4. birthdayBook

Do you have trouble remembering upcoming birthdays or other important events? If so, birthdayBook can help with that! It’s a simple application that displays elegant, customizable birthday reminders on your Mac. You can even have it display birthdays of famous people too, such as artists and writers. The birthday calendars are in a list format and can be printed out. birthdayBook integrates with the Apple address book and iCal, which makes important and exporting events even easier.

5. Grrrabit

If you share a lot of screenshots on your Mac, you’ll love Grrabit. It’s an instant screenshot sharing app that keeps your screenshots private. After clicking on the floating rabbit on your desktop, Grrrabit will automatically create a password-protected page for your screenshots. The URL will also be automatically copied to your clipboard so that you can share it with your friend(s). You can also customize the theme of your pages as well as add captions and doodles to your screenshots.

This has been a hectic year for nearly everyone I know. Thankfully, technology is one of the best ways to manage an over-active schedule. 2011 has also been a very busy year for app developers, and we’ve seen them churn out productivity apps right and left.

But out of all the apps we’ve come across, only 10 shine as the most practical and enjoyable to use, all of which are examples of beautiful design and precise attention to detail. Some of these apps have been growing and improving since 2010, while others are completely brand new this year.

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